Can I ask you something? Don’t you hate those annoying salespeople on the street that just start selling you shit right away? Me too.

So what’s the remedy?

Giving people the freedom of choice.

Instead of going the easy way and straight up selling to people with your cold emails right upfront - ask for permission first.

Ask permission to send them more info, a loom video, a strategy or an idea they might use.

This way you give them the option to be in control instead of pushing your offer down their throat without them asking you for it.

I really love this approach because it’s much more natural, conversational and if more people started using this it will make the cold emailing space better overall.

Check out 2 examples below and then find ways to bake these into your offers. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this, you’ll be surprised on how well this works.

Two Examples

Hey {{firstName}},

I might be able to X for {{companyName}} but I'm not comfortable telling you I can help you before you tell me you're open to hearing it.

Is it alright with you if I send over X that explains how it works? You can say no, I just want your permission before I tell you more.


Hey {{firstName}}

I know you get pitched a lot so I wanted to ask your permission first to see if you'd be interested in seeing how we help NICHE companies like {{companyName}} do X.

Mind if I send more info?


These are just 2 simple options, try different variants and angles to find something you’re comfortable with:)

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Love always,