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Supercharging Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy With Email

Developing a successful B2B lead generation strategy should 100% include email. This scalable, affordable, personal method can’t be missed.

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Email outreach is a great place to launch your B2B lead generation strategy. It’s scalable, cost-effective, boost your brand awareness, and is packed with actionable metrics. In this article, we’ll share:

  • 4 Benefits of Having an Email B2B Lead Generation Strategy
  • 4 Email B2B Lead Generation Strategy Best Practices

4 Benefits of Having an Email B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Many businesses have written off email as an old, outdated lead generation strategy, both in the B2B and B2C markets. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Many, many businesses are still using email marketing in their daily B2B sales strategies to generate lead after lead after lead. Once you have a solid strategy in place, you’ll unlock a series of benefits that will not only help your business scale but also hugely increase your generated revenue.

Easily Scalable

Scaling your email outreach is as simple as increasing the number of email accounts that are fed into your campaigns and lists. The more potential consumer emails that you can acquire, the more people you can send your campaign to.

One of the main issues with email outreach and scaling, however, is that many businesses attempt to run before they can walk. By that, I mean multiple businesses start their new cold outreach campaign from a standing start, having never sent a campaign before. When an email account suddenly sends hundreds, possibly thousands, of emails in a short period of time, it sets off alarm bells within spam filters. Suddenly, the campaign that you’ve worked hard on ends up in junk folders without a chance of being read.

To counter this issue, you can spend time warming up an email account. This process works by slowly increasing the number of emails sent over a period of time until it is perfectly normal for that account to send large volumes. This process done manually is rather painstaking, but thankfully tools like Instantly’s automated account warmup means the process is completely labor-free and scales to a point where you’ll be able to send emails at huge volume across unlimited email accounts.

Highly Cost-Effective

Compared to other digital channels, email is a very cost-effective method of generating leads. Thanks to the simplicity of scaling, you’re able to send multiple thousands of emails without a huge increase in cost. Once you’re working at scale, the only cost is related to your email outreach tool, but when you consider that you’re able to send 125,000 emails a month using Instantly’s $97-a-month plan, you’re hardly breaking the bank.

Boost Brand Awareness

Even if you’re not generating leads immediately through your campaign (and chances are your initial emails won’t be focused on that anyway), you’ll certainly be generating high amounts of brand awareness. By definition, during a cold email outreach campaign, the majority of prospects won’t have heard of your business so each email that lands in their inbox is another person that has become aware of you and your business.

Easily Track and Measure Performance

Email is one of the most easily trackable marketing strategies in the digital space. With advanced analytics, you can track everything from open rate to link clicks and deliverability to replies. There are myriad ways to use this information but one of the most important strategies is to measure progress and adapt campaigns accordingly, leading to a well-honed, lead-generating campaign.

4 Email B2B Lead Generation Strategy Best Practices

Clean Up Your Email List

Having a clean email list means having emails that are verified. These are emails that genuinely belong to a prospect who might be interested in receiving your email. This increases the chances that your emails will be delivered dramatically and vastly reduces bounce rate. If your email list is full of incorrect emails, or accounts that will mark your emails as spam, then your bounce rate will increase. That increases the chances your account will be marked as a spam account, and then none of your campaigns will succeed.

Use Relevant and Engaging Subject Lines

Your subject line is your chance to grab a recipient’s attention. It needs to appeal to them, let them know the email is worth their time, demonstrate value, and draw their eye. All while keeping concise, clear, and impactful. There’s no hiding from the fact that crafting the perfect subject line is going to take work, but once you get it right, open rates increase dramatically, and so do your lead numbers.

Remember that your recipients are probably receiving tens of emails a day. Your email needs to stand out and mark itself as worthy of their time.

Automate Personalization

Personalization is going to make all of the difference when it comes to your B2B email outreach campaign. Talking to individual recipients on a personal level is far more likely to garner success than sending out the same generic email to everyone at the same time. Including even the smallest amount of personalization can make a difference, which usually involves including the recipient’s name and business.

Inputting these manually isn’t ideal, as it will slow down your campaign and take up a lot of your time and effort. Instead, use a mail merge tool, such as the one provided by Instantly, to automatically include relevant and useful personalizations.

Make Sure to Follow-up

Sending an email and then forgetting about it is one of the biggest sins in email marketing. Remember that the vast majority of people aren’t going to reply after the first time they ever hear from you. It might take 3, 4, 5, or more emails before they consider responding. There might be something in that fifth email that catches their eye and encourages them to get in touch. If they unsubscribe due to your following up, then they weren’t the customer for you anyway.

Key Takeaways

B2B email outreach is a great way to develop your lead generation strategies. The key is to ensure that your account is ready, that you follow a solid strategy, and that you implement the best practices outlined above.

  • Personalization is going to generate the most leads in a B2B setting.
  • Warming up accounts before sending large volumes is a necessity.
  • Scaling accounts is easy once the baseline strategy is in place.

Feel ready to tackle your own B2B lead generation through email. You’ll need Instantly by your side, explore the feature-packed free trial today.

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