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7 High-Converting Business Email Templates

Streamline email campaigns faster with a business email template. Here are seven curated templates optimized for conversions—steal them now!

business email templates

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to find, qualify, and close leads. All you need is a sustainable system that’s repeatable, scalable, and trackable.

To help with scalability and repetition, use business email templates that can fit a variety of scenarios. You can’t just copy-paste—you need to personalize and innovate.

We’re here to help! In this article, we’ll be covering:

  • Effective ways to use business email templates.
  • Business email templates you can personalize.
  • Best practices for creating your templates.

Effective Ways of Using Business Email Templates

Templates are great for scaling email marketing campaigns. But, if you want the best mileage out of your email templates, consider the following:

Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt—Don’t Adopt

As mentioned earlier, we don’t want to copy-paste templates. We mainly use templates to streamline writing email copy from scratch.

With the right email marketing software, you can automate personalization to fit each of your prospects. Remember, each email should match your brand image, tone, and voice.

Different Segments, Different Templates

There won’t be a one-size-fits-all template you can use for every lead. For example, email marketing strategies for B2B require you to draft emails for different stakeholders.

Each stakeholder has different metrics for purchasing decisions. You need to cater to each one. The best way to do so is by segmenting your email list and using relevant templates for each.

Iterate to Innovate

A critical aspect of every campaign is studying your email marketing metrics. Looking at your analytics helps you make data-driven decisions moving forward.

Find templates that work and iterate on it. Innovating on these templates allows you to build a better brand image, personalize faster, and generate the highest conversions from emails.

7 High-Converting Business Email Templates

cold email templates

We’ve curated a list of email templates for every common business scenario. Find which templates are best for you, personalize, and innovate.

Cold Sales Email Template

Cold email campaigns are still one of the best ways of converting leads into sales in 2023. The secret is adding immediate value to your cold email templates. Here’s an example:

Hey, {{First Name}},
I saw that you were interested in {{product}}. We just wanted you to know that we’ve made major upgrades that allow you to:
{{benefit 1}}
{{benefit 2}}
{{benefit 3}}
{{common painpoint}} is something we deal with daily. So, we made updates to make our lives a lot easier. I’m sure that you could benefit from this too!
We can give you a free personalized product tour at your most convenient time. If this interests you, you can schedule a meeting with us through this link.
Thanks in advance,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: You’re sending cold emails to leads with potential interest in your product. It emphasizes the benefits, not the feature. Also, the CTA is convenient and streamlined.

Welcome Email Template

Welcome emails have the highest open rates amongst all types of business emails. This email is like an introduction to your brand, what you’re about, and what prospects should expect.

Hey {{First Name}},
Welcome to the {{Brand Name}} family! We’re so excited to have you here with us. We strive to help brands like yours streamline {{manual task}} so your team can focus on dollar-productive tasks!
In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sending over useful information about {{product}} and how you can use it to {{benefit}}. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay here with us.
To get you started, here are some articles we wrote to help get you started:
{{link 1}}
{{link 2}}
{{link 3}}
Best Regards,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: This email sets the tone for email nurturing. You give your prospects a quick rundown of what to expect and provide immediate value through content to get them started.

Re-engagement Email Template

Lead generation is great for scaling. But, if you want your growth to be sustainable, learn how to retain your leads. Do so with a re-engagement email like this one:

Hello there, {{First Name}},
I’m doing rounds to see how everyone’s been doing and I noticed you haven’t opened an email from us in {{number of days/weeks}}. We completely understand if you don’t want to see emails from us.
But, we do have some amazing updates coming up in the next few weeks on {{benefit}} that I’m sure you’d want to stick around for. Here’s a quick snippet of what’s in store:
{{update 1}}
{{update 2}}
{{update 3}}
Sounds interesting? Just click on this link to continue receiving emails.
Thanks in advance,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: If prospects don’t click the link after a set period, you remove them from your list. But, before the opt-out, there was a last attempt to keep them interested with new updates.

Segmentation Email Templates

Personalization is necessary for any email marketing campaign. The good news is we can go more in-depth when we segment our leads to ensure we’re sending relevant and timely content.

Hey, {{First Name}},
We always aim to give our subscribers exactly what they need. To ensure we’re on the right track, can you do me a favor and click on the link that best describes your business right now?
{{business situation link 1}}
{{business situation link 2}}
{{business situation link 3}}
We want to cater to your unique needs. Clicking on the link helps us curate awesome content that helps scale your business faster!
Best regards,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: This email leverages engagement from your leads. You’re having them segment themselves. It also adds value by providing unique and tailored content.

Influencer Outreach Email Template

Influencer marketing gets you more engagement and better brand awareness. Reach out to the right influencer for your business with this outreach template:

Hey, {{First Name}},
I’m {{Your Name}}, {{position}} at {{Company}}, and our team loves what you do. Your insight on {{industry}} is something we value. That said, we’d like to have an opportunity for a partnership.
We’re launching {{product}} in the coming months. It’s our latest product that we built to solve {{pain point}}. We’d love to give you an exclusive look at the product before it hits the market.
If this is interesting for you, reach out to us anytime. You can also schedule a meeting with us through this link. We hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks in advance,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: You're starting the email with a compliment, then get straightforward with what you need. Then, you’re making the scheduling convenient if there’s interest.

Client Onboarding Email Template

Congratulations on landing a client! Ensure they know what to do moving forward with a client onboarding email. Here’s an example:

“Hey, {{First Name}},

Thank you so much for choosing {{Brand Name}} for your {{niche}} needs. Before starting, we’d like to know your preferred project management tool. We personally love {{product/service/tool}} and can set up a board so you can track our progress from there. But if you have another {{product/service/tool}} in mind, we’d be happy to accommodate you. I’ve also attached a document with all the details I need from you.

Thanks in advance,

{{Your Name}}

Why it works: We all have our preferred tools, but if you’re providing a service, you could always ask your clients what’s most convenient.

Guest Post Email Template

Getting backlinks is great for building authority for your website. You could get backlinks naturally or through guest posts on relevant sites. Reach out using this email template:

Hey, {{First Name}},

Statistics show massive potential growth for {{niche}}. We’d like to help you position for this growth opportunity with the help of our specialists in {{niche}}.

We’d love to publish an in-depth rundown on {{niche}}, and the tactics we use that anybody can easily adapt. Here are some of our previous work on that topic:

  • {{Article Link 1}}
  • {{Article Link 2}}
  • {{Article Link 3}}

Let me know if this is something your audience or yourself could benefit from. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

{{Your Name}}

Why it works: This email works as it positions you as an authority in a certain niche. Plus, you also provide immediate value.

Best Practices for Creating Your Business Email Templates

There’s a business email for every occasion. Luckily, most of these emails follow the same fundamentals. Here’s a quick list to ensure your business emails are optimized for conversions:

  • Use subject line templates to help you streamline your email campaigns.
  • Don’t just copy-paste templates. Adapt and personalize them to fit your unique needs.
  • Use different templates for each segment.
  • Always track key performance indicators to monitor growth.

Key Takeaways

Email templates help scale lead-generation campaigns, nurture sequences, and close more sales. Before personalizing these templates, remember the following:

  • Iterate on the templates that you find success with.
  • Use an email tool with intuitive analytics to help track your progress.
  • A/B test email campaigns to fine-tune templates.

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