How to Write the Perfect Cold Email for Web Design Services

You'll need the perfect template to win web design services through cold emailing. That's why we've created these 4 templates to get you started.

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Winning new work doesn’t have to be complicated. It often feels like hard work, but with the strategy, tools, and connections, it can be far more accessible than it initially seems. Leveraging cold email is just one method thousands of web designers use daily. The question is, how can you get the edge and win work versus all of those competitors?

The key is in your cold email copy. The words you use. How do you get your message across in a world where most business owners probably receive at least a couple of emails a day offering service x, y, or z? How can you genuinely stand out from the crowd, make a connection, and in a perfect world, make a sale?

By using your initial cold email to pique their interest and grab their attention.

Features of a Perfect Web Design Cold Email

It would be tempting to think you could whip up a cold email in a few minutes, then simply send it out to every prospective customer you can find. You definitely could do that, but the chances of success are relatively low. Remember that people receive multiple cold emails a day, and most of the time, those barely get read.

Instead, treat cold emailing as a skill and a tactic that must be honed over time through testing, data, and evaluation. Key features need to be addressed and perfected for every email sent.

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Personalization: Personalization is what makes your email sound human. Receiving an email that doesn’t even have your name in it is a surefire way to guarantee it ends up in the bin. If you’re trying to sell to someone, the least you could do is address them by name. Thankfully with the right software, personalization at scale is completely achievable and is a great way to improve your sales engagement.

Tip: Personalization doesn’t have to stop at using the prospect's name. You can also include a company name, an event where you met, a connection, or a referrer’s name. There are many options to consider.

Subject Line: This is your chance to make a first impression and convince the recipient to open the email. Otherwise, all the work is for nothing. Work out what value is within the email and concisely tell them what it is.

Try to avoid clickbait-style subject lines; not only will email providers likely mark these as spam, but they immediately feel like a sales tactic that turns people off. Instead, look to write a subject line that feels truly like it has been written for them (even if it hasn’t). Personalization (see the last point) makes a huge difference here.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a bunch of some of the best cold email subject lines.

Value Proposition: Within the email itself, you need to make it clear how you can deliver value to the user. This doesn’t necessarily have to be through your products and services. Remember, it takes a significant number of touchpoints with your business before most people will consider purchasing from you. So rather than going in hard with the sales, offer value another way. It could be a link to a helpful blog, a video, a webinar, or anything that gives value with minimum impact on the reader.

When you mention sales make sure to contextualize what you can do for people. Like this:

“After {company name} worked with us, their new website drew in 150% more conversions.

Don’t be tempted to make these figures up. Use real-world examples that can be backed up with facts and data.

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Emphasize Your Specialty: Your company is unique, so make it seem so! Boring, classic, corporate copy makes you sound like another droning advert. Instead, focus on your USP and explain why you would be different. Have you won awards? Do you have special accreditations relevant to the prospect?

Where possible, name drop companies that the prospect will have heard of before and ensure that the areas you specialize in are entirely relevant.

Include A Simple CTA: The call to action included in your email should be easy to complete in a few clicks. The best options include booking a call with you (using an online calendar), visiting a blog or page on your website, or another action such as signing up for a webinar. Asking for a reply is an option too, but it asks more of the prospect. When asking for a response, keep your request short, ask when they’re available for a call, or ask if they’re interested in finding out more.

Web Design Cold Email Templates

These templates are a great starting point for your cold calling campaign. We strongly recommend that you don’t just copy and paste them but rather use them as inspiration for your own

Template #1 Small Business Owners

Hey {Name},

{Your Name} from {your company name} here. I wanted to take the time to let you know I love your work at {their company name}!
Busy business owners like yourself find it incredibly frustrating to edit, manage and design their website when using {Squarespace/Shopify/website they are using}. Templates are limited, you can’t move things where you like, and even uploading images can be a pain.
A custom website, designed to your specifications, fitting precisely with your brand, built using {website platform} is far more likely to increase your sales. It’s the perfect way to outshine your competitors.
It’d be great to know if you’re interested in seeing how your website can drive more sales to your business.
If you are, I’d love to grab a chat with you. How does tomorrow at {time} or {time} suit you?
Looking forward to our chat!
{Your Name}

Why it works: Focus on a problem you know they’re likely to face and offer a resolution. Identifying their pain point and offering a solution works great because chances are it’s already on their mind. Two opportunities to have a call gives them options without having to dig through their diary for options.

Template #2 Startups

Hey {Name},

{Your Name} from {your company name} here. It’s very exciting to see {their company name} entering into the {sector} industry.
Thank you for publishing your article {title with link}. I genuinely found it fascinating and have been debating {article point} with my colleagues ever since.
Building your website with content like this is a surefire way to drive traffic through SEO. If you’re interested, I’d love to share some of my expertise. Here at {your company name}, I focus on helping startups perfectly structure their blog to achieve maximum growth. It’s exactly what I did for {relevant example}.
If you are, I’d love to grab a chat with you. How does tomorrow at {time} or {time} suit you?
Looking forward to our chat
{Your Name}

Why it works: Adding in relevant industry examples (especially if they’ve heard of the company) helps them imagine what it would be like working with you. Showing that you’ve actively investigated their company and read their work is a nice ego massage too.

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Template #3 Creative Agencies

Hey {Name},

{Your Name} from {your company name} here. Wow, it’s seriously impressive seeing how {their agency name} has been smashing it.
Your work with {brand X} on the {product} campaign was great. Was that something you did completely in-house? Kudos!
The {campaign name} campaign you ran recently was very similar to some campaigns I’ve run recently {link}. Seeing as we work in similar ways and have similar ideas, I thought you might be interested in some outside help.
Do you think a competent, reliable person would help your team with excess work?
I’m sure I can help, and I’d love to grab a chat with you. How does tomorrow at {time} or {time} suit you?
Looking forward to our chat
{Your Name}

Why it works: Showing genuine interest in their current work and recent clients shows that you’ve done your research and adds personalization. Addressing their pain point at a particularly stressful time can be a massive helping hand.

Template #4 Large Brands

Hello {Name},

{Your Name} from {your company name} here. I’ve absolutely loved seeing {their company’s name}’s work on {recent project} recently.
Did you complete that whole campaign with your own team, or did you bring in some external support?
I ask because it was very reminiscent of my work: {project link}.
When we launched that campaign {company you worked with}’s conversions for {product/service} increased by 45%, it was great to be part of such a successful campaign.
I’ve got limited space to work with brands on {service} over the next 6 weeks. As we seem aligned on design, style, and working practice, I wanted to offer my services. Are you interested in working with external designers?
I’m sure I can help, and I’d love to grab a chat with you. How does tomorrow at {time} or {time} suit you?
Looking forward to our chat
{Your Name}

Why it works: Being specific on the work that aligns with their own campaigns is an excellent way for you to show how your work matches their expectations. Remember that data speaks volumes, as long as it’s legit and can be backed up with case studies and further information.

Key Takeaways

Cold emails take time to perfect. We hope these templates inspire and show how you can leverage information and successes you’ve already achieved to your advantage. Take the time to test, evaluate and adapt depending on who your prospects are, and you’re sure to win over new prospects in no time.

  • Personalization is king, don’t underestimate its use.
  • Use real examples of your work that relate to the recipient where possible.
  • Test, test, test. Trial different styles with different prospects and measure the results.
  • Remember to follow up after the initial cold email.