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Elevate Your Pitch with 6 Cold Email Templates for Sales

These cold email templates for sales offer inspiration and a foundation to launch your next successful outreach campaign. Steal them and build connections.

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When writing a cold email, you need to bring your A-game. It’s a concoction of artful subject lines, compelling copy, and psychological sales techniques. There are times when that task feels almost impossible. You need to strike the right balance, entice without the hard sell, and captivate without badgering.

Here’s the good news. You’re not alone, and you certainly don’t need to reinvent the wheel. In this article, we’ll share why you should be using cold email templates for sales, plus 6 templates that you can use time and time again.

  • Why use a cold email template for sales?
  • 6 stealable cold email templates for sales that get responses.

Why Use A Cold Email Template For Sales?

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Templates are designed to help make life easier for your sales team. They’re there as starting points, timesavers, and knowledge banks. Imagine if you had to start writing from scratch every time you wanted to send a cold email. It’d take forever, and chances are you’d be redoing the work every time the same situation arose.

When you use cold email templates for sales, you’re able to dedicate time to streamlining your outreach strategy and honing your skills.

It is definitely tempting to copy a cold sales template, such as the examples below, paste them, change the names, and hit send. You might get some results, but you’ll achieve far better by adapting the templates to your specific situation.

The more customized and unique the template, the more likely you are to see success. People are looking for genuine connections and meaningful conversations. They won’t get that from a cookie-cutter template. They will get that from you.

6 Stealable Cold Email Templates For Sales That Get Responses

cold email templates for sales

These templates have been used across businesses in almost all industries. They’re tried and tested foundations of many successful cold email sales campaigns. Use them as inspiration, plan your campaign, personalize it to your goals, and get sending!

Each template is broken down by title, subject line, the template itself, and an explanation of why the template works. Wherever you see {{ }}, that’s a merge tag and an opportunity to include personalization.

Subject: {{pain point}} getting you down?

Hey {{Recipient's Name}},
You’re probably completely exhausted dealing with {{a common problem they’ll likely face}}, right? Trust me when I say you’re not alone. You’re certainly not the only {{their profession}} awake at night thinking about it.
It drives us mad when {{elaborate on the problem}}. It’s something that we see every day here at {{your company name}}. In fact, we see it across the whole {{their industry}} industry.
This isn’t all doom and gloom though. Here at {{your company name}}, we’re turning this stumbling block into sets of stepping stones. {{Name of your solution}} is designed to help {{specific issue}} and develop your {{another specific}}.
Giving it a go will cost you nothing. I’m here to talk through your thoughts and explore tailor-made options.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: The PAS approach, or the problem, agitate, solution approach, is all about building empathy and connections.

You first build rapport with the recipient by acknowledging just how annoying a common problem is.

You take the problem and agitate it. You make it sound even more frustrating by shining a spotlight on it.

Finally, once they’re clearly frustrated anew by the problem, you offer a solution.

Your shared understanding and empathy will pique the reader’s interest. It also clearly demonstrates your in-depth understanding of their specific situation. If the recipient is annoyed by the issue, they’ll be curious about what your solution is.

Unveiling Potential: The Opportunity Spotlight

Subject: Supercharge your development with {{your product or service}}.

Hi {{Recipient's Name}},
Successful businesses all have one key thing in common. That’s their ability to spot and seize an opportunity when it comes knocking. Today is such an opportunity.
Here at {{your business name}}, we’ve been developing a tool that supercharges {{specific aspect of their business}}. It’s not just talk. We’ve seen what it can do. Take {{your successful client name}} for example. It has been truly remarkable to see them grow and {{mention a specific success of theirs}}.
Take a moment to imagine just what your future would look like with the same empowerment. It’s within your grasp. All I ask is for a quick call next week to show you how {{product name}} can change the game for {{their business name}}.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Why it works: The opportunity spotlight template works by tapping into the recipient’s deep-seated aspirations. They know what the potential of their business is. They also know whether or not they’re currently realizing it.

By showing the recipient just how well their business could be doing with your product at their disposal, you’re able to foster an exciting vision of the future. They’ll become fixated on the potential for growth, and all you need to do is stoke their imagination and curiosity.

Mentioning legitimate case studies and their results only strengthens this feeling. Someone else, even a competitor, is already taking this opportunity.

Breaking Ice: The Warm Introduction

Subject: A Bright Idea and A Warm Hello

Hey there {{Recipient's Name}},
I’m {{Your Name}}, a genuine admirer of your work at {{their company name.}} After seeing your recent work on {{one of their recent projects}} I felt compelled to reach out and share my thoughts.
Cards on the table, I work at {{your company name}} and I think there could be some real synergy between our businesses. With our tool and your drive for success, I genuinely think that we could jointly drive {{a specific outcome of theirs}} and make a positive impact on {{a specific aspect of their business}}.
Shall we have a chat to discuss next week?
All the best,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: This template is all about breaking the ice in an affable, approachable way. It focuses heavily on personalization by leaning on knowledge of the recipient’s recent accomplishments.

Rapport is developed, and respect is shared from the opening line. By sharing your genuine admiration, you establish a positive human connection. This is built on by offering a mutually beneficial benefit.

The main aim of this template is to open a conversation in a non-sales way. It’s designed to feel meaningful rather than just another pitch. You’re offering to work together on a project going forward. This is a collaborative offer rather than a sales request.

Curiosity Igniter: The Teaser Technique

Subject: Ready for a sneak peek of {{Their Company Name’s}} future?

Hi {{Recipient's Name}},
No doubt you’ve come across lots of tools that claim to be revolutionary during your tenure leading {{Their Company Name}}. How often are they genuinely groundbreaking? Today, I’m excited to share a tool that is.
I’m {{Your Name}}, and I’m working with {{Your Company Name}} to share a pioneering innovative tool that is specifically designed to help {{their company industry}} businesses achieve next level {{their business goal}}. Our tool is shortly about to hit the market, but we wanted to share it exclusively with some industry leaders first. That’s you.
Ready to launch {{Their Company Name}} to new heights? Let’s chat next week, and I’ll show you just how we’ll achieve that together.
All the best,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: Throughout this teasing template, you’re building intrigue and stoking curiosity. There’s an element of the fear of missing out being built, especially when paired with the aura of exclusivity and mystique.

You’re hinting at an offering that could revolutionize the way that their business works. Naturally, that’s going to draw attention. This template works as long as you’re able to back up your claim with a new, unique product that they haven’t seen or worked with before.

Plus, everyone likes to be part of an exclusive VIP group.

Crafting Urgency: The Time-Sensitive Proposal

Subject: The Clock’s Ticking On This For {{Their Company Name}}

Hi there {{Recipient’s Name}},

I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m {{Your Name}}, and I represent {{Your Company’s Name}}. Our tool is helping businesses such as {{Your Client/Their Competitor}} reach and surpass their {{specific outcome or goal}} targets.

We don’t want you to miss out on the chance to hit those levels of success too. So I thought I’d let you know the special offer on {{your product}} is coming to an end on {{date}}.

The easiest way to get on board? Let’s have a chat to begin the process.

All the best,

{{Your Name}}

Why it works: Urgency has been the friend of sales forever. This template looks to leverage urgency, press the fear of missing out, and nudge the recipient toward action. When you pair this with the allure of a unique or special offer it creates an irresistible draw to your product or service.

It’s always important to set a time limit. With a deadline looming, the recipient feels compelled to act or forever miss out. They act quickly and your product is positioned as a highly sought-after solution that can’t be missed.

Cracking the Social Proof: The Testimonial Tactic

Subject: How {{Impressive Client Name}} Transformed Thanks To {{Your Company Name}}

Hi {{Recipient’s Name}},
Don’t you just love a success story? It’s even better when it’s a business similar to your own. You get that sense of excitement. Like that success is right around the corner for you.
That’s precisely how you’re going to feel when you hear about the results that {{Your Client’s Name}} has achieved since taking the leap and working with {{Your Company Name}}.
They came to us with {{pain point}} and saw that {{your product}} could be the right solution. Fast forward 3 months, they’ve gone from {{previous state}} to {{improved state}}.
Want to know how they did it? I’d love to share. Let’s meet next week and we can discuss putting {{Their Company Name}} on the same path.
All the best,
{{Your Name}}

Why it works: Social proof is fascinatingly powerful in the right circumstances. People relate to stories, especially stories where they can empathize with the protagonist and imagine what it’d be like to be in their shoes.

That’s precisely what this template achieves. You present a compelling transformation that instills hope and hints at the possibility of similar success.

You’re also sharing just how successful your product or service can be. The template aligns the recipient’s desires with the already achieved desires of a similar client or competitor.

The key to using a social proof template successfully is to have the content to back it up. That means full case studies on your website, reviews from clients, and even video testimonials. Anything that can back up your claims and validate your statements.

Key Takeaways

Imagine your cold email campaign as a house. These templates are the foundations. They’re the blocks that you build the rest of your campaign on. Each template represents a slightly different approach. That should serve as a reminder that your prospects are unique. Tailor your tactics to them, adapt templates accordingly, and before you know it, responses will be flooding your inbox.

  • Always add personalization if you want to nurture a genuine conversation.
  • Delivering some form of value will boost response rates.
  • Adapt templates to your specific situation for the best results.

Need a cold email tool that has access to a template for every situation? Plus, a tool that ensures your email has the best chance of being delivered? Instantly is the choice. Especially when you can get started today for free!

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