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Easy to Use Email Outreach Tools for Lead Generation + More

Several email outreach tools are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 email outreach tools of 2022.

easy to use email outreach tools

An email outreach tool is an easy-to-use software that helps you send personalized emails to a large number of people. These tools make email marketing less time-consuming and enable you to reach a wider audience and track the results of your campaigns.

Several email outreach tools are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 email outreach tools of 2022.

Advantages Of Easy To Use Email Outreach Tools

There are many benefits to using an email outreach tool. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated tools help you to be more efficient by automating the process of finding and adding potential contacts, sending emails, and tracking results. This allows you to focus on building relationships with potential customers rather than on tedious administrative tasks.
  • Greater Accuracy - Automated tools eliminate the chances of human error, ensuring that your contact lists are always up-to-date and that your emails are properly formatted for maximum impact.
  • Improved ROI - Automated email outreach tools can help you achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) by generating more leads in less time.
  • Increased Scalability: Automated email outreach tools make it easy to scale your outreach efforts as your business grows. With the click of a button, you can add new contacts and send more significant volumes of emails without sacrificing quality or results.
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Email outreach tools can help businesses of all sizes to connect with more potential customers and achieve greater success. If you're not already using one, we recommend adding an email outreach tool to your marketing toolkit.

What To Look For In A Email Outreach Tool

Not all email outreach tools are created equally. When shopping for a new tool, it’s important you consider your objectives in the process. That said, here are some features you want to keep on your list of requirements:

  • Ease of use: The tool should be easy to navigate and use. It should have a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to find and manage your contacts, create and send emails, and track your results.
  • Automation: The tool should automate as much as possible, including sending personalized messages, adding recipients to your contact list, and tracking responses.
  • Intuitive reporting: The reporting feature should allow you to easily track your progress and measure the success of your campaigns.
  • Customizable templates: The templates should be customizable so that you can create emails that fit your brand and style.
  • Integrated CRM: The tool should include a CRM system so that you can store contact information and track interactions with potential customers.
  • Importing and exporting: The tool should allow you to import and export your contact lists easily. This will make it easy to keep track of your prospects and customers.

Our Top 5 Easy To Use Email Outreach Tools Of 2022

Looking for a new email outreach tool to help you improve your marketing efforts? Ready to simplify your life in a couple of clicks? Check out our top 5 picks for easy-to-use email outreach tools in 2022. From simple templates to powerful automation features, these tools have everything you need to get started.

Instantly homepage


Instantly is a powerful and easy-to-use email outreach tool that helps you connect with potential customers and partners. It's simple to set up and use and provides several features that make it perfect for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. With, you can create customized contact lists, track your progress, and manage your communications all in one place. The tool also provides valuable insights into your target market so that you can tailor your outreach strategy to their needs.

With Instantly, you'll be able to quickly build relationships with the people who matter most to your business. Whether you're looking to expand your business or build better relationships with potential customers, Instantly is the ideal solution.

Check out Instantly’s Free trial and scale your outreach with unlimited email sending accounts, unlimited email warmup, and smart AI.

Vocus IO homepage is an easy-to-use answer for Gmail outreach. If you're looking for a great Chrome extension that adds tons of features, including email and link monitoring, automated followups, notifications, templates, scheduling, analytics, and activity dashboards, it's a convenient tool. With Vocus, you can manage your online marketing campaigns and keep track of how well they're doing, and the support team is super responsive and always happy to help with any questions or issues you might have.**Starts at $5/mo.

Pros: Ease of use.

Cons: Could probably use more integrations and attachment tracking.

MailTag IO

MailTag email outreach tool

MailTag is an Extension for Google Chrome that integrates with your Gmail account and provides powerful email tracking features. This means you can see when your emails are opened and how long each recipient spends reading them. MailTag also has built-in scheduling capabilities, so you can choose when to send your messages. If you're looking for a way to get more out of your Gmail account, MailTag is worth checking out. It's an excellent tool for personal and professional use if you're looking to boost productivity. **Starts at $9.99/month paid annually.

Pros: Very easy to use

Cons: Not related to any CRM system, Inconsistent support.


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is an app that allows you to schedule email messages to be sent at a later time. This can be useful if you want to ensure a critical email goes out on time or if you're trying to space out your correspondence, so you don't overwhelm your recipients. Boomerang also offers other features like the ability to pause your inbox and "snooze" emails, so they return at a more convenient time. Overall, it's a handy tool that can make emailing a bit less of a juggling act.**Pricing starts at $4.98, billed annually.

Pros: Good analytics and handy snooze feature

Cons: It's a fairly outdated platform


MixMax homepage screenshot

Mixmax is an email outreach software that helps you connect with your audience and potential customers. It allows you to manage your contacts and sender lists easily, track your email campaigns, and measure their effectiveness. It also comes with handy tools to automate repetitive tasks, making it an ideal choice for busy entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.**Pricing starts at $9/ month, billed annually.

Pros: Getting Notificatiofied when someone opens an email

Cons: Bit buggy at times; customer service can be hit or miss.

**All pricing and reviews have been extracted from

Choosing The Right Tool For Your Business

As we move closer to 2023, the landscape of email outreach tools will continue to evolve. It can be tough to keep up with all the new features and options out there —not to mention determine which tool is right for your business. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

If you’re still not sure which tool is right for you, get in touch. Our team at Instantly would be happy to help you choose the perfect email outreach tool for your needs. Cheers!

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