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5 Awesome Examples of Lead Capture Pages

Turn website visitors into prospects by building a standout lead capture page. Here's how.

lead capture page

The best leads are the ones already interested in your products and services. Leads showing interest are faster to qualify, nurture, and convert. So, how do we know if they’re interested?—We use our lead capture page.

It’s one of the most efficient ways of finding actual sales-ready leads. The best part is, we don’t need to spend big. All we need are a few optimizations. We’re here to help with that! In this article, we’ll be guiding you through:

  • The basics of a lead capture page.
  • Lead capture page vs. Home page.
  • How to build an optimized lead capture page.
  • Lead capture page examples you can steal.

What is a Lead Capture Page?

A lead capture page collects the information of qualified leads. It works based on the premise of equal exchange—leads get something of value if we do too.

For example, a valid business email in exchange for a free ebook, webinar access, or case studies. Leads enter their information on a form, and they get valuable content.

Don’t make the mistake of asking too much on your forms. Remember, we don’t want to scare our leads away. Try using a max of three form fields (Name, Email Address, Phone Number).

Lead Capture Page Vs. Home Page

Your homepage shouldn’t be your lead capture page. Although there are similar elements between the home and capture pages, there are clear distinctions.

Home pages give site visitors a general view of your organization, products, or testimonials. Think of it as an information hub. Lead capture pages promote a single offer.

Here is an example of a website’s home page:

hiver bright homepage

Example of their lead capture page:

hiverbright lead capture page

Scrolling further down their homepage, you’d see video testimonials and reviews. But, if you want to research how they made it work, you can check their case study—all you have to do is enter your full name and email address.

How to Build a Lead Capture Page

The elements of a lead capture page include the Ask (Form Fields), the Give (What you’re giving away), the position of your form fields, and the CTA. A fully optimized capture page makes it easier to send follow-ups and nurture. Here’s an in-depth look at each:

Creating Your “Ask”

The “Ask” for most capture pages includes basic lead information such as “full name,” “email address,” or “phone number.” You can even go further and ask for more niche information.

Here, the ask is straightforward—your work email. It won’t accept emails from free domains like GMAIL. This is already a qualification step to ensure those who book a demo are from an established company.

The Give

The “Give” is what you provide site visitors in exchange for the “Ask.” You can give case studies, eBooks, discounts, vouchers, or free trials.

Whatever the case, you need to offer something that gives immediate value. For example, you can provide case studies that show a step-by-step solution to a common pain point in your industry. This should be a standard in your overall sales strategy.

Positioning the Form Fields

You shouldn’t overlook where form fields are positioned on the lead capture page. At the end of the day, where it’s positioned is a design choice—but it should be strategized.

The most crucial rule is positioning the form fields above the fold. Once a lead lands on your capture page, the form should be the first thing they see.

Other design elements on the page should supplement the form fields. Details could be placed on the right, and the form field on the left. You can also utilize floating buttons or pop-ups.

But, as a rule of thumb, always have your CTAs stand out or contrast the rest of the elements on the page.


Your call-to-action button is meant to engage your leads to do an action. Optimize your CTAs with engaging taglines, actionable verbs, or personalization.

Instead of using words like “Submit” or “Subscribe” try:

  • I’m ready to 10x my leads.
  • Get my 20% discount.
  • I’m ready to start scaling my business.

What’s great about lead capture page CTAs is that they’re easy to use. These CTAs are no-brainers because leads already get something valuable out of them.

The Copy

The copy on your capture page needs to be attention-grabbing, emphasize your unique value proposition, and get straight to the point. Base the copy on your “give.” For example, if you’re offering an eBook, use bullet points to outline the main points.

Lead Capture Page Examples

Here are some examples of lead capture pages. Learn from the ones you like, iterate on them, and personalize them to fit your unique business.


wise homepage

Wise’s lead capture page immediately provides its unique selling point—having the lowest transfer fees amongst mainstream and popular platforms. They even have a CTA for comparisons. But, if you want to get started with their service, you can do so with just a click.


zoho lead capture page

Zoho’s capture page acts as an immediate sign-up. You sign-up for free and you get a free trial of their CRM. There’s also social proof from “250,000” businesses worldwide, with Zoho emphasizing major brands like Suzuki and Bose that use their products.

Outsource Accelerator

outsource accelerator

Outsource accelerator does lead qualifying on the spot. If you want to download their outsourcing toolkit, you’d need to enter your business email. The form won’t accept emails from domains like Gmail.



Appfolio leverages a solid headline and sub-headline paired with a simple form field for a free demo. Although the CTA can be improved, it’s simple and concise. Once you’re done filling up the form on Step 1, you proceed to Step 2—this is where further qualification happens.

Appfolio asks for your phone number, company name, and units managed. With this information, they can tailor the demo to fit your exact business needs.


equiem homepage

Equiem only uses one form field, a work email address. Like Outsource Accelerator, you can’t enter emails from free domains like Gmail if you want to download their playbook. Scrolling further down, you’ll see a rundown of the content.

Key Takeaways

Lead capture pages help you streamline lead generation, nurturing, and conversions. To build an optimized capture page yourself, remember the following:

  • Always ask for an email address. Ask for a business email to further qualify leads.
  • Provide something that gives your leads immediate value.
  • Position form fields above the fold.
  • Use engaging and action-oriented CTAs.
  • The copy on your lead capture page should be relevant to your offer.

With a robust lead database from your capture page, all that’s left is to nurture leads to be top-of-mind. Automate this process Instantly! Sign up for a free trial today!

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