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Using Merge Tags to Effectively Personalize Emails

Let us, here at Instantly, help you save time, increase efficiency, and boost your email engagement, all with merge tags. Personalization made simple

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Are you ready to launch a great email outreach campaign or send a campaign to your already loyal following? It makes sense that you’d want to include personalization. After all, you want those recipients to connect with your brand. Doing that process manually is complicated and time-consuming. That’s why you should be using merge tags.

In this article, we’ll guide you through:

  • What Are Merge Tags?
  • How Can You Effectively Use Merge Tags to Personalize Your Emails?
  • How to Use Merge Tags With Instantly

What Are Merge Tags?

A merge tag is a type of code used in ESPs (email service providers) that allows you to insert unique user data from your mailing list into emails. It is also known as a substitution string, personalization field, or personalization tag.

Many businesses and email senders use merge tags to personalize their emails. Let’s take, for instance, the FNAME tag. This particular tag allows you to include the recipient’s first name in the email by pulling it from the FNAME field where the data is stored. Typically, this data is stored in your email software tool or your CRM.

How Can You Effectively Use Merge Tags to Personalize Your Emails?

You can, and you should use merge tags to personalize your emails by including the recipient’s name. That, however, is going to be considered the bare minimum that you should use merge tags for. There are far better (and more inventive) ways to use merge tags so that your emails stand apart from the crowd.

It comes down to what data you hold on the recipient. A great marketing option is to include personal information about the recipient:

  • Quick reminder, it’s time to book a service for your {{car name}}”
  • “Did you know it’s been {{time since the last visit}} since we saw you at {{business name}}?”
  • Bad weather is heading for {{city name}}. Book a roof inspection with us today.”

These options are great, and if you’re a business working in those sectors, chances are you’ll hold that type of data. You could also leverage eCommerce data to personalize emails too.

  • “Noticed that you were checking out the {{product}}. See what these users think about it.”
  • “We hope you’re loving your {{product}}. Let us know if we can help you during your first week with it.”

The same can be said for SaaS products:

  • “We noticed you haven’t accessed the {{tool user hasn’t used yet}}. Here’s a guide to help you get started.”
  • “Your {{subscription}} is due to end next month. Why not take this opportunity to renew?”

There are very few limitations to what you can do. It all depends on your data.

How to Use Merge Tags With Instantly

If you’re an Instantly user, merge tags make email personalization simple.

Automated Email Personalization

To automate your email personalization, simply use the format:

Hi {{FirstName | Friend }}

You’ll notice that there’s an option for if you hold the data and if you don’t. Meaning no awkward code left in if you don’t have their information. You could also add a few variables, and the Instantly algorithm will select one for you.

Hello {{First Name | there, | friend,}}

This is just for starters, but the style remains the same.

Placeholder Values

Adding the personalization value to your lead list means you can pre-write personalized lines manually or use an AI generator based on the recipient. When you upload the list, Instantly will find the {{Personalization}} tag. Simply add {{Personalization}} tag into your body and Instantly will handle the rest.

Key Takeaways

Using merge tags to take your personalization to an automated level is a great way to save time while also increasing your marketing efficiency. Once you work the concept into your standard practice, you certainly won’t regret it.

  • Personalization is a great way to connect with prospects, especially during cold email outreach.
  • Combine this with other email writing best practices and your campaigns will fly.

Think that your business is ready for the power of Instantly? Why not get started for free today?

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