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Elements of Persuasive Sales Emails + Free Templates

A persuasive sales email engages leads and nudges them further down your pipeline. Here are some persuasive sales email examples you can personalize.

Elements of Persuasive Sales Emails + Free Templates

Getting new leads for your business is easy enough with the right lead finder tools and strategies. But finding leads alone won’t generate revenue for your business. Conversions do.

To convert leads, we must introduce our business, stand out from competitors, and provide immediate value. This process starts with a persuasive sales email. Here’s all you need to know.

  • What is a persuasive sales email?
  • What elements make a sales email persuasive?
  • How to write your own persuasive sales emails.
  • Examples of solid sales emails you can follow.

What is a Persuasive Sales Email?

The typical sales process for most businesses includes lead generation, qualification, and outreach through personalized cold emails. Many of these emails get ignored or sent to spam.

If qualification and prospect segmentation aren’t the issue, the problem might be the sales email. The subject lines, intro, value proposition, and CTA must be persuasive to merit action.

Prospects need to be interested and engaged. Sales emails could be used to appeal to emotions, direct logical thinking, and ultimately lead prospects to do what you want them to.

So, what makes a sales email “persuasive” in the first place?

The Elements of a Persuasive Sales Email

Cues and signals dictate our everyday lives. The same applies to a sales email. That’s because we all have learned behavioral responses.

For example, business owners see hundreds of cold sales emails daily. They’ve learned to ignore them. Get noticed by using these elements of a persuasive sales email:


Your email has to be unique right from the get-go. Aside from creating quirky and engaging subject lines, you can stand out from the rest of the emails by being BIMI Certified.

BIMI-compliant domains signal email providers that each email you send is authenticated. This leads to higher deliverability and a lower chance of emails going to spam.

Plus, it lets you have a custom logo in an inbox to make your emails stand out and easier to find.

Highlighting a Problem & Providing Immediate Solutions

One of the biggest issues with sales emails is business owners asking, “How did they find my business?” This can be addressed by highlighting a problem. For example, your email could read:

I was looking for plumbing services near {{area}} and found your company on Facebook but not on Google Maps.

After highlighting the problem, the natural step is to offer a solution. This is where you can talk about your value propositions. But don’t forget to give immediate value, like tips or best practices they can do themselves.

Baiting in Objections

Objections can easily drive prospects away. Persuasive sales emails address potential objections immediately. Using our previous example of the plumbing service, we can use something like:

We get that setting up Google Maps is free, and it's not your main source of business. However, managing local listings takes time to do right. And based on our research, it can bring in {{x amount}} of new clients per month.”

Addressing Objections Through Proof

Our value proposition and how we handle objections won’t be effective if we can’t back up what we say. We need to provide proof. The best way to do so is by showing our own results.

Ensure that the data you provide is relevant and insightful to your prospects. This could also be a great opportunity to provide immediate value through something like case studies.

Using a Low-Effort CTA

Sometimes, a simple five-minute Zoom call can be a big ask for high-level managers or business owners. Try out low-effort CTAs instead. These no-brainer CTAs provide value, nurture prospects, and gently nudge them further down the sales pipeline.

Examples of Persuasive Sales Emails

sales email templates

Here are some examples of persuasive sales emails you can take inspiration from. Remember, personalize and adjust them to fit your business needs.

Leveraging Experience Sales Email

If you’ve been in your industry with years' worth of experience and success, you can easily leverage that in your sales emails. Here’s an example you can try out:

Hey, {{first name}},
I’ve been in {{industry}} for {{x years}} and {{pain point}} has always been an issue, and to be honest, there’s no easy way around it.
That’s why I developed a unique framework that addresses {{pain point}}, saving businesses like {{company name}} time and money. We’ve had huge success in generating {{benefit}} for {{competitor}}, resulting in ROIs as high as {{x percentage}}. All from applying a straightforward framework.
I’d be happy to share the entire framework with you. Would this be something you’re interested in? If not, I totally understand. In the meanwhile, here’s one of our {{case studies}} I’m sure you’ll get value from.
{{your name}}

Short and Direct Sales Email

The majority of people check emails on their phones. So, if your sales email can’t fit in that small of a screen, then it might get ignored. Instead, try something short, direct, and value-based.

Hey {{first name}},
It’s {{your name}}, from {{your company}}. I have several ideas for improving your next {{social media}} campaign. This will ultimately lead to more engagement and conversions across all your platforms.
We’ve helped over 100 accounts focusing on {{niche}} before. Our strategies result in {{result}}. Can we send a quick video to showcase what we’ve done for agencies like yours?
{{your name}},

Persuasive Sales Follow-up Email Example

You're not doing sales emails right if you don’t automate your sales follow-ups. Even without a response, you can still provide value with a persuasive follow-up sales email like this one:

Hey {{first name}},
Just wanted to do a quick follow-up regarding {{first email}}. We published a new guide detailing how we used {{product}} to achieve {{results}}. Here’s a link to the guide!
Kind regards,
{{Your Name}}

“Is This The Right Person?” Sales Email

We want to target decision-makers or business owners in our sales email campaigns. But we can’t always get the emails of the right people. Find the right person with this email example:

Hey, {{first name}}
It’s {{your name}} from {{your company}}. I heard that you’re currently experiencing {{painpoint}}. We developed {{product}} for that exact reason. It’s helped {{x number}} of companies in {{niche}} achieve {{result}}. We’d like to share more about how we can do this for {{company}}.
Would you or someone on your team be interested in a discussion?
Thanks in advance,
{{your name}}

Relaxed Sales Email

Sales emails might sound a bit intrusive when done incorrectly. So, why not try out a sales email that’s both relaxed and persuasive at the same time?

Hey, {{first name}}
I’m not sure if you’ve ever run into {{product}}, but I thought you could find our {{new feature}} interesting. We worked with {{competitor}}, and they got impressive results from their campaigns.
Just wanted to send a message to see if {{company}} might be eager to check out {{product}}. Let me know, and we can schedule a call soon!
Thanks in advance,
{{your name}}

Key Takeaways

Persuasive sales emails get prospects interested, engaged, and ready to take action! To make the most of your sales emails, consider the following best practices:

  • Be unique in every aspect of your sales email. To truly set yourself apart, try being BIMI-compliant.
  • Leveraging experience is a great way to build trust. But always back it up with data-driven results.
  • There is no “golden rule” in email length. Both long and short emails can work. Test them out first to see which one fits your business best.

If you want to send personalized, high-quality, and persuasive sales emails at scale, look no further than Instantly! Try it out today!

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