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Sales Cadence: A Systematic Approach To Scaling Your Business

Sales cadence helps your business create a systematic approach for effectively communicating with high-value leads and improving conversion rates.

sales cadence

Sales take time. According to statistics from Rain Sales Training, it takes an average of 8 touchpoints just to get a meeting with a prospect.

The likelihood of closing a sale with your first outreach email is slim but not impossible. Humans have become wary of sales pitches. No becomes an automatic response.

We need to ease our prospects, build trust, and establish the foundations for a lasting relationship. We do this through sales cadence.

If you want to increase online sales through a solid sales cadence strategy, stick around! In this article, we’ll be going over:

  • What sales cadence is
  • The importance of sales cadence
  • When to start sales cadence
  • Templates
  • Best practices

What is Sales Cadence?

Think of sales cadence as a systematic approach to growing your business. Several communication touchpoints are strategically designed for maximum conversions.

It helps identify what sales outreach works best and when to let a lead go. Since it's a system, it’s replicable, measurable, and it can be done at scale.

The key isn’t focusing on the number of touchpoints—it’s the quality of a customer’s purchasing journey. With the right sales cadence in place, you’re set to reap the benefits.

The Importance of Sales Cadence

sales cadence timing

Sales cadence acts as a blueprint your business can use to close on qualified sales leads. A lot of work goes into every sequence. Done right, you get the following:

Strategic Outreach for High-Value Leads

Once your ideal customer profile (ICP) is identified, you can start adapting outreach. This streamlines the sales process and allows you to focus on better personalization.

You get to know exactly who you’re going for and the best channels for communication. When you’ve made your list, you need to start the nurturing sequence.

Nurturing Leads

It’s all about providing value at every step of their buying journey. This can be done through whatever channel you think fits best.

Nurture email campaigns fit perfectly well here since you can automate and schedule them with your other communication touchpoints. You just have to be consistent.

Building Relationships Through Consistent Communication

Consistency is key. Strategically scheduling your communications allow you to remain top-of-mind without being too “in your face.”

Provide value and try to learn as much as you can at each touchpoint. Understand their issues, and provide immediate solutions. It’s a system. Like clockwork.

Systematic Approach to Growing Business

We all want to perfect our sales outreach. Quality over quantity, right? But scaling means working with quantity. This doesn’t mean compromising quality. We just need a system.

That’s why sales cadence is so effective. It allows businesses to create routine and measurable campaigns to nudge leads further down the sales funnel. So, when do we actually start it?

When to Start Sales Cadence?

when to start sales

You should be mindful of sales cadence straight out of the gate. But, if you've already started your campaign, there's no time like the present. Get started now.

Just be sure to personalize emails or any mode of communication. Make it about them and how you can solve their issues.

Sales Cadence Templates

Here are some examples of sales cadence to get you started. Find what you think works for you, tweak it, and test it out for yourself!

10 Touch Point Sales Cadence

This is a simple sales cadence that leverages the three main communication channels for key decision-makers—email, phone, and socials.

  1. Day 1: Linked-In Message
  2. Day 3: Cold email in the morning, call in the afternoon.
  3. Day 5: Call in the morning, and leave a voicemail in the afternoon.
  4. Day 7: Morning email, afternoon call with a voicemail.
  5. Day 10: Morning email followed by a call in the morning.

The sales cadence is spread across 10 days, with each touchpoint being 2-3 days apart. This works as it follows the law of immediacy, keeping you top-of-mind.

The Long Game

You’d want to be patient for high-value leads. If this fits your marketing style, try out this sales cadence template.

  1. Day 1: Cold email
  2. Day 2: Call, Voice mail, Email Nurture 1
  3. Day 7: Call, Voice mail, Email Nurture 2
  4. Day 14, Call Voice mail, Email Nurture 3
  5. Day 21: Call, Voice Mail, Email Nurture 4
  6. Day 28: Call, Voice Mail, Email Nurture 5
  7. Day 35: Call, Voice Mail, Email Nurture 6
  8. Day 42: Call, Voice Mail, Email Nurture 7
  9. Day 49: Call, Voice Mail, Email Nurture 8

This sequence has 7 days between each touchpoint after the first initial email. It can still keep you top-of-mind with a less aggressive approach.

Integrating Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool in any sales outreach campaign. This sales cadence makes use of this and puts it front and center.

  1. Day 1: Cold Email, Follow-up Email later in the day.
  2. Day 2: Email Nurture 1
  3. Day 3: Call, Voice Mail
  4. Day 4: Social Media Outreach, Email 2
  5. Day 5: Call 2, Email Nurture 3, Social Media Outreach 2

Another 10 touchpoint sales cadence. The difference between this and the first template is the length. Here, we spread each touchpoint across five days utilizing more casual channels like social media.

Sales Cadence Best Practices

sales cadence best practices

To make the most out of each campaign, follow these best practices:

  • Stick with ICP/Customer Avatar: Identify your target audience, segment them, and qualify leads.
  • Use Multichannel Approach: Don’t stick to one channel. Test out multiple modes of communication and find which one works best.
  • Create Unique and Engaging Content: Generic sales pitches won’t work. Be creative and engaging. Don’t be afraid to use humor as long as it's tasteful.
  • Analyze Data: To succeed, you need to learn where you fail. Analyzing data helps identify what strategies to improve, which ones to let go of, and which ones to focus on.
  • Automate to Dominate: Automating campaigns helps streamline the sales process allowing you to communicate with leads at scale without compromising quality.

Key Takeaways

Sales cadence can improve conversion rates by a large margin. It also provides any business with the following:

  • It helps build a systematic approach to business growth.
  • It allows businesses to scale more efficiently.
  • Keeps you top-of-mind.
  • Builds lasting relationships.

In every touchpoint, the most consistent form of communication is email. If you want to dominate the game, you need a powerful email tool. That’s where Instantly comes in! Sign up for a free trial today!

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