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How to Create High-Conversion Sales Video Letters

Using sales video letters is an underrated strategy with a high conversion rate. Here’s everything you need to make the best out of this strategy.

How to Create High-Conversion Sales Video Letters

When YouTube first came into the scene, most people thought it would be a fad. Now, video has branched out into hundreds of awesome new formats.

Why it works is simple—videos are engaging. Wyzowl did a study suggesting 88% of prospects were convinced of buying a product/service after watching a sales video letter.

If you want to leverage the power of video in your sales process to get more prospects, meetings, and closed deals—stick around! In this article, we’ll be running through:

  • The basics of sales video letters.
  • Why video is so effective in sales.
  • The equipment you’d need.
  • Sales video letter template.
  • Best practices to follow.

What are Sales Video Letters?

Your organization is probably using video already in content marketing campaigns to build awareness and lead generation. But, a sales video letter has a single goal—closing a sale.

It’s a sales copy in video format. You’re giving a face to the pitch. The University of Portsmouth Research did a study suggesting adding a human element resonates better with prospects.

Taking a video might seem simple. But making it work is an entirely different story. To make sure we’re making the most out of our sales video letter, we need to know why it’s so effective.

What Makes Sales Video Letters Effective in Sales?

Building authority in your industry seems linear enough. All you need to do is provide value. The best way to do so is through high-quality informational content covering everything you can.

Prospects that need solutions to pain points read these blogs or articles, and you stay top-of-mind. The issue is—a lot of this informational content is walls of text.

The Wyzowl study also found 73% of prospects would rather watch a video rather than read an article about products or services. As mentioned earlier, it appeals to our human nature.

We can trust a salesperson more when we can see hear their tone of voice, see facial expressions, and overall body language. Plus, it's cheap and requires minimal equipment.

Best Equipment for Sales Video Letter

Your sales video doesn’t have to be shot in 4K—you can if you want to be extra. Try fitting that file size into an email. Instead, stick to the basics such as:

  • Camera/Smartphone: You could make do with any type of DSLR camera. But honestly, smartphone cameras are so high-quality now. They’ll work just fine. We’re not focusing on video quality that much. We’re going for quality content.
  • Microphone: Built-in microphones in your cameras or smartphone are good enough. However, the quality of the audio might get muddy. This can be fixed with a bit of tweaking during editing. But, a simple lapel mic can go a long way.
  • Editing Software: Editing your videos puts all your best parts together and enhances everything. You can even edit your videos on your smartphone. Maybe you’d want to add graphics? It’s up to you how you go about the editing.

Now that you have all the equipment needed—it’s time to make your own sales video letter. To help you, we’ve made a template you can use as a jumping-off point.

Sales Video Letter Template

Most would think people buy products because they’re great, efficient, or cost-friendly. In reality, customers buy products from people they know, like, and trust.

That’s going to be hard, especially when you’re pitching to new prospects. To build trust, use the following template in your next sales video letter:


A simple, straightforward intro is all you really need to kick things off.

Hey, there! {{first name}} here, and if you want to scale your business with cold sales emails, here’s what we used to grow over $1,000,000 in revenue. Even with the best tools or services, your business stays stagnant without a sustainable sales strategy.

As always, your intros serve two main purposes—engaging your customer and setting up the main content. Here, you’d want to do something called “Dog Whistling.”

Dog Whistle Marketing

Dog whistles attract dogs—but humans don’t hear anything. Translating this to our sales video means setting up our main content to attract customers who actually want to buy from us.

“I’m not a salesman by nature, but when I applied this system to our sales process, we consistently closed sales and got to $50K/MRR. If I could do it, anybody could.”

Here, we mentioned scaling our business using cold sales emails. So, if you’re a prospect who doesn’t want to use cold emails as a means to grow—the sales video isn’t for you.

But, we did make quite a claim. Even with evidence backing us up, prospects can still be skeptical. We need to address their concerns.

Addressing Skepticism

Prospects are naturally skeptical, especially since we’re using cold sales. To address this, we can use the Feel, Felt, Found formula. We can add to our sales copy with:

You probably feel like you’ve been stuck in a sales plateau for months and I felt the same way too. Nothing was working until I found this cold email strategy that helped me scale my sales.

After overcoming skepticism, try to reframe your prospect's perspective.

Reframing the Perspective

Reframing is a powerful tool that breaks down the walls prospects have about your product. Your prospects probably have their own ideas or perceptions on how to run their business.

Try reframing it and presenting yourself and your product as the ultimate solution to their pain points. Here’s an example:

We used to think cold email marketing was dying out, and we invested heavily in PPC, social media ads, and content marketing. But, we realized we were doing it wrong. We learned that prospects want to buy from people they like and trust—earning trust is never easy. Replicating what worked was even harder—until we used this system”.

With the prospects hooked, it’s time for the grand reveal.

Reveal and Offer

The reveal is finally showing your strategies but not going too in-depth. Emphasize the results and expand on how it will work with your prospects.

But, what we haven’t shown is the complete breakdown and how to efficiently use the system. All you have to do is close it all out with a solid call to action, like asking for a meeting or inviting prospects to a free demonstration.

Key Takeaways

Sales video letters are an amazing yet underutilized marketing tool that can help you qualify more leads and close more sales. To make the most out of it, remember these best practices:

  • Sales videos are used to help SDRs close sales. So, send a sales video letter via email to qualified leads.
  • Be natural in your sales video; it doesn't have to be fully corporate for prospects to know you’re legitimate.
  • Try reframing the common consensus, then position your product/service as the ultimate solution.
  • Focus on providing value first, then making a sale.

If you want a streamlined way to send sales video letters at scale—look no further than Instantly. Sign-up for free today and start to 10x leads, meetings, and sales!

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