Best Yesware Alternatives for Email Outreach in 2024

Email outreach requires a good tool to get the job done and avoid being buried in an avalanche of admin. There’s no way that you’ll be efficient and successful without one when working at scale. Yesware is one such tool, but there are lots of other great alternatives available on the market.

Best Yesware Alternatives for Email Outreach in 2024

There seems to be an ever-growing selection of email outreach tools available to businesses. Some of them are established players with huge arrays of tools in their suite, others have a more niche focus. Yesware is a tool that has been available to the email outreach market for some time now, it has been a good choice for many but it isn’t a perfect fit for every business. There are many other options out there, and the following list is a collection of the best Yesware alternatives for email outreach in 2024.

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Why Do You Need a Yesware Alternative?
  • Top 6 Yesware Alternatives to Consider:
  • Instantly
  • Saleshandy
  • Docsify
  • Gmelius
  • Mailtrack

Why Do You Need a Yesware Alternative?

Yesware has a huge number of features ranging from email tracking to templates, and integrations to meeting schedulers. That doesn’t necessarily make it the right fit, after all every business has its own needs and requirements. A lead generation business will require something different from an eCommerce store, every business is different.

We’ve explored some of the reviews on Capterra and G2. It seems that customers find Yesware wanting in a number of areas. Some of them are pretty alarming. Reports of low email deliverability including no real email verification built into the system, no email prospecting, and minimal ability to automate personalization, all for a relatively expensive campaign price.

There are some features that shouldn’t be seen as nice to have in an email outreach tool, instead, they should be seen as necessary core parts. Always be sure that your tool includes:

  • Simple to understand pricing
  • Email account warm-up
  • Email verification
  • Comprehensive analytics suite
  • Automation options for follow up
  • Sequencing systems
  • Integrations with marketing stack
  • Great customer service

Top 6 Yesware Alternatives to Consider

What follows is our selection of the best Yesware alternatives for you to consider. We’ve picked the tools that we think have the majority of the core features required above, that have a good reputation, and that offer a credible alternative to Yesware.


yesware alternative

One of the most concerning things about Yesware was reports that email deliverability was on the low side. There seems little point in putting time and effort into crafting an email outreach campaign for it to fail to be delivered. Why would you want all of your hard work to be doomed to the junk folder, never seeing the light of day, let alone your prospect’s eyes?

Deliverability is where Instantly shines. Their flagship AI-powered email warm-up feature is something to get excited about. Each account added to Instantly (and you can add unlimited numbers of them per seat!) is put through an automated warm-up process. During the process, your account slowly sends emails on an incremental basis until it is at a point where sending thousands of emails, all in one go, won’t trigger spam filters. The warming up of accounts isn’t a nice, optional extra, in order to have a successfully delivered campaign it is an absolute necessity.

Alongside impressive deliverability, Instantly has a great analytics suite that allows you to really dig down into the core metrics of your campaign. Another necessity. By tracking each of your core metrics you can not only see how successful your current campaign is but you can benchmark it against other campaigns, both future, and past. You’ll be able to spot opportunities for improvement and grow your business exponentially.

The great thing about all of this is that it comes at a completely affordable cost, at only $37 a month for the Growth tier. Considering you can add unlimited accounts per seat, it makes it a great purchase. For businesses requiring a larger sending capacity, the Hypergrowth and Enterprise tiers make for great options. The variety of tiers make Instantly one of the best email outreach tools.

Core Features as detailed in G2:

  • Email and Mobile Preview
  • Manage Email Lists
  • High-Volume Sending
  • Building and Personalizing Emails
  • Sending Outbound Emails
  • Manage Email Deliverability
  • Automated Email Responses
  • Multi-user Account



An email outreach tool that focuses on cold email outreach, Saleshandy allows you to focus on metrics such as conversions and leads generated. Through advanced sequencing, you’re able to carefully nurture leads as they enter your campaigns. Combined with user segmentation this offers a personalized marketing campaign that should yield impressive results.

Saleshandy and Yesware both have a number of shared features but there are a few features that make Saleshandy a step above:

  • Email writing: The integrated email writing assistant uses impressive AI to help generate the best converting cold emails. There are real-time suggestions as you write shown on a simple and clear UI that should make writing emails a breeze.
  • Email prospecting: Yesware doesn’t allow email prospecting from in the tool itself, the LinkedIn email scraping offered by Saleshandy allows you to find and then add emails straight to your lists.
  • Deliverability: Email outreach requires a good tool to get the job done and avoid being buried in an avalanche of admin. There’s no way that you’ll be efficient and successful without one when working at scale. Yesware is one such tool, but there are lots of other great alternatives available on the market.
  • Email health: Looking into items such as SPF and DMARC, Saleshandy automatically scores your email deliverability health.


docsify home

Less of a whole email outreach tool, and in fact, more of a Chrome extension written specifically for Gmail. If you’re working with a great deal of pdfs then Docsify might be an ideal alternative to Yesware. You’ll likely be able to get use out of Docsify if you regularly send pdf proposals or similar. It offers a number of features including:

  • Tracking the amount of time readers of pdfs spend on each page
  • Receive alerts when a pdf is opened and closed
  • Get analytics on percentage read and device read on
  • Integrate with email marketing templates
  • Integrated chat windows within pdfs

Yes, Docsify isn’t strictly an email outreach tool, but when combined with a fully-fledged tool, it will add an additional layer of understanding during the outreach process.



A budget solution that works well for businesses in a number of different sectors. Gmelius starts from only $9 a month per user beyond 3 users, the first 3 users are completely free! Reviews come from users across various departments, from project managers to sales, marketing to customer service.

It’s another Gmail-specific tool that offers more than a typical email outreach tool. The additional project management features that are layered straight into the Gmail interface make collaboration across departments a breeze. When combined with automation systems, you’re able to save a huge amount of time. It’s definitely a good choice for those working in larger teams that need a single space to collaborate.


Mailtrack home

If you specifically want to know how your prospects are engaging with your emails, and you use Gmail, Mailtrack might be a great alternative to Yesware. There’s a completely free version that offers automated follow-up emails that send a reminder to your prospects if they haven’t read your email within 24 hours. Another alert included in the free version is the Hot Lead alert which notifies you when a prospect has opened your mail multiple times.

The pro version of Mailtrack, for $9.99 a month allows you to see when users interact with your emails through link clicks in real time which is a great way to know when someone is actively engaging with your campaign. There are a plethora of other features that you can track, but a simple WhatsApp-style delivered and read receipt overlay on Gmail is a nice touch. home

As its name suggests, is a tool that is designed for your sales team to perform outreach tasks. It acts as a type of sales CRM system that allows you to see analytical data about your company’s performance internally as well as sales forecasting based on historical data. It integrates with a number of other sales tools such as Salesforce but also typical stack technologies like Gmail. does, however, only offer pricing on a company-by-company basis. If it sounds like an option for you, exploring a sales call with their team might be worth your while.

Key Takeaways

Picking the right email outreach tool for your business is not a decision that you should take lightly. It’ll become a tool that is a mandatory part of your business, and one that you (or your team) will need to grow to love. Picking the right one, even if that is an alternative to Yesware, should be based on the needs of your business and the features that are most important to it.

  • Some features in an email outreach tool are an absolute non-negotiable, such as email account warm-up.
  • Consider your current tech stack and look to see if the tool that you are considering has a native integration, using third-party pairing tools can get complicated.
  • Many tools will offer a free trial or at least a demo, make use of these to see if the tool is a good fit before committing.

Wondering if Instantly is right for you? Why not try the 14-day free trial?