27 cold email call-to-actions to get the creative copywriting juices flowing.

We use these to consistently get 30+ positive replies/day with cold email.

Let’s go.

  1. Do I have your permission to send over a few time slots to chat?
  2. Interested or not really?
  3. Mind if I share some examples of what’s possible?
  4. Can you or someone on your team jump on a quick 10-15 minutes call this week to explore?
  5. Do you mind if I share a 3-minute loom video of how that would apply to {{companyName}}?
  6. On a quick call I can audit your (branding/SEO/FB ads/sales etc.) strategy. Interested?
  7. Would Tuesday or Thursday work for you? If not, let me know (I’m flexible)
  8. If you’ve got a 5-10 minutes I’d love to share some examples with you of how we helped other branding agencies/{{niche}} get more clients.
  9. Bad idea to schedule a quick call to see if we could do the same for {{companyName}}?
  10. Do you have time this week for a chat or can we connect next week?
  11. You must be busy.. so I promise I won’t waste your time. Got a few minutes tomorrow 4pm EST to chat?
  12. Lmk
  13. Got a few minutes to learn more?
  14. Interested?
  15. Want me to run some calculations to see how much you could save?
  16. Mind if I send more info?
  17. Mind if I explain how?
  18. Got a quick 10 min to chat?
  19. Is this something you would be interested in?
  20. Worth a no-obligation chat or no? I can also share more info over email no problem. Let me know.
  21. What’s the best way to grab 15 min on your calendar to share some ideas for {{companyName}}?
  22. How about a quick 20 min call next Tuesday or Thursday afternoon to learn more?
  23. Are you free for a call tomorrow or Tuesday?
  24. Getting more leads a priority for you right now or not really?
  25. Interested to hear more?
  26. Let me know if this interests you, I’d be happy to share more.
  27. Let me know if this sounds like something worth exploring for {{companyName}}? Very confident we can get you results.
  28. Let me know if you’d like to get 10 positive replies a day?

Hope this helps and happy sending!

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