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Choose The Best Email List Software of 2024

Choosing the right email list software can save hundreds of hours of email list management. Plus, you’ll get to use automation to streamline further.

email list software

Sometimes, managing a lengthy email list can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you could be faced with a list thousands of people long. This is especially confronting when you notice rising bounce rates and crashing open rates. This is where email list software can help.

Email list software gathers all of the information you need on your list and presents it in one accessible place. Within the software, you’re able to streamline the process of email list management. You can clean your list of undesirable email addresses, segment them into personalized groups, and create custom campaigns for particular sections of the list.

In this article, we’re going to share the leading email list software on the market. Spend time understanding the list and comparing them against each other. As you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the key features that my business needs?
  • Does this tool integrate with our current software?
  • Will this tool help with our business goals?

The Best Email List Software of 2024


email list software

Instantly offers impressive email list software, especially when combined with extensive email marketing features. You can easily upload your current list and then manage it from an intuitive dashboard. The email verification service ensures that your list is kept clean. This helps to prevent emails from going to spam and keeps your deliverability rates high.

If you’re looking to expand your list, then you might be interested in the B2B lead finder database. This is another service offered by Instantly, where you can search over 160 million contacts and add them to your email list. Connect the list to the email marketing software, and your campaigns will begin to rocket.

Pricing: The "Growth" plan is available at $37/month, and the "Hypergrowth" plan at $97/month. The B2B lead finder starts from $37.90 a month (paid annually), with the “Hyperleads” plan at $169.30 a month (paid annually).

Trial: A free start option is available without needing a credit card.


hub spot crm

Most people know HubSpot for its vast CRM functionality. It’s not a surprise that they include comprehensive email list software within their offering. The software allows you to create and organize lists based on people within your CRM. That can then be used for email drip sequences and other campaigns. It’s a steep learning curve for beginners and certainly isn’t cheap.

Pricing: Starts at $45 per month for up to 1000 contacts.



One of the most popular email list software is MailChimp. This tool allows you to segment lists in a wide variety of ways, including the use of conditional relationships. There are some automation options, but they feel limited in comparison to others on this list. It also feels that it lacks the option to manage all contacts in the database from a single screen, instead relying on smaller audiences.

Pricing: Starts at $14 per month for up to 500 contacts.



If you’re a WordPress user, FluentCRM might be an option for you. It is designed specifically for WordPress users and works by filtering users of the website. That’s a great advantage for WordPress website owners, but it means if you’re not, then it’s not available to you. Automation features are based on activity. 

Pricing: Starts at $129/year.

Listserv (L-Soft)


Listserv is slightly different from standard email list software. There’s more of a focus on community list management, where you’re able to create public or private lists of subscribers. It also offers moderator-based management features. Many users enjoy using Listserv, but it’s rapidly becoming outdated and outmoded.

Pricing: Starts at $2500 for a lifetime lite license.



Brevo offers considerably more features beyond solely email list software. The tool includes a sales platform with advanced lead-tracking capabilities. It is more comprehensive than some other options on this list. The automated list segmentation feature is impressive. It's especially helpful when paired with the option to run multi-channel campaigns.

Pricing: Free plan is available with limited features; paid plans start at $25 per month.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

If you’re new to email marketing, Constant Contact offers simple email list software without a steep learning curve. You’re able to manage and segment your email list all in one place. Plus, when you’re ready to launch a campaign, there are plenty of email templates available to you. Compared to other tools on the list, the segmentation options may feel somewhat limited. Also, many users feel the list management UI isn’t the best.

Pricing: Starts at $129/year.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Homepage

Campaign Monitor is one of the leading options for audience segmentation and email personalization. There’s also a great analytics suite that offers insight into your email lists and campaigns. You’re able to look into each recipient in a similar way that you would with a CRM, which allows for a high degree of personalization. The advanced features, however, are limited. There is a surprisingly small amount of customization and sparse support options.

Pricing: Begins at $9 per month for up to 500 contacts.



You might be interested in SendGrid if your searches have focused on email deliverability and analytics. It doesn’t, however, have a great deal of email automation or segmentation features, meaning it is found lacking compared to others on the list. 

Pricing: Starts at $19.95 per month for up to 50,000 emails sent.

Key Takeaways

Selecting the right software can dramatically affect your email marketing efforts. It can take menial administrative tasks and streamline them. Allowing you to focus on the creative, engagement side of email. Each tool on this list presents a unique prospect. Understanding your own business, its ecosystem, and your goals is the best first step before committing to using one or another.

  • You want your email list to scale as you grow. That means you need a tool that will easily scale with you.
  • Make sure that it is intuitive and easy to use. Your team won’t want to use it if it isn’t.
  • The best options will include some form of email verification to maximize your deliverability.

If you’re serious about email marketing, then it makes sense to select software that offers so much more than just email list management. That’s precisely what Instantly does. Intrigued? Why not get started?

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