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Eye-Opening Email Marketing Statistics That Can Help Boost Your Business

Are you looking to skyrocket your conversion rate in 2023? Get ready to take off by checking out these email marketing statistics.

email marketing statistics

Email marketing lets you reach out to leads in a personalized way, helping you promote your services, make sales, inform your audience, and retain them in the long run. Taking it a step further with outreach email marketing fast-forwards lead generations and garners impressive results.

Let's dive into some eye-opening email marketing stats to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Email Automation Statistics

Email automation lets you connect with hundreds of people with just a few clicks. Check out these statistics to see just how powerful email automation can be:

47% of Marketers Use Social Media Automation

Companies that have taken the plunge and implemented marketing automation tools are seeing remarkable results: leads, revenue, and conversions are all on the rise! It may be challenging to get the system up and running, but the payoff from automation is worth every effort.

Automated Email Campaigns Account for 21% of Email Marketing Revenue

By analyzing the timing and behavioral patterns, automated emails can generate up to 21% of email revenue and are proven to have higher conversion rates.

Timed Mails Generate a Higher Open and Click-through Rate

Timed mail is way ahead of the game, with an impressive 22.48% average open rate. That's nearly 2% higher than general mail at 20.58%! Its average click-through rate of 3.62% is almost 1.1% higher than general newsletters at 2.51%.

Triggered Emails Have a Higher Open Rate

Triggered emails have a higher open rate than standard newsletters. They are one-on-one and designed to match your customer's behavior precisely.

Automated Emails Tend to Be More Relevant than Email Newsletters

Automated emails can be up to 320% more relevant than the average email. Most of these emails are triggered by consumer behavior. Hence, they're always tailored to what the customer needs.

64% of respondents in recent automation research conducted by Marketing Charts utilize email automation.

96% of Marketers Implement a Marketing Automation Platform

B2B, and B2C marketers have embraced automation as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy, and email automation is taking the lead.

Email Deliverability Statistics

Email deliverability is the key to ensuring your message is heard. Check out these stats on the likelihood of your emails reaching your users:

Some Emails Don't Get Delivered

20.4% of emails in 2020 were ending up in the spam folders. That's a 4.1% increase from 2019! Read here to find out why emails aren't being delivered and take steps to ensure they reach their destination.

Following Best Email Practices Increases the Chances of Delivery

While not all emails get delivered, following the best practices and utilizing easy-to-use email outreach tools make it more likely. 62% of emails are opened because of personalized subject lines.

15-20% of the Average Marketer's Email Efforts Go to Waste

According to data from Return Path, many emails end up in junk folders or remain undelivered.

However, you can increase your deliverability rate by staying relevant, authenticating your domain, and avoiding spam trigger words. Check out these cold email statistics to help you craft a successful email marketing strategy.

15.8% of All Emails Go Missing

15.8% of all emails either go missing based on email or get caught by popular spam filters.

missing email statistics

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B2B Email Marketing Statistics

Here’s what marketers in the business-to-business space think of email marketing.

77% of B2B Companies Use Email Marketing Newsletters

Almost all businesses now send newsletters to clients, and 77% of B2B companies use this method for content distribution and to reach their audience.

81% of B2B Marketers Say Email Marketing Topped Their Content Form

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers said they mostly did content marketing through email newsletters.

New Products and Features Have the Highest Click-Through Rate

B2B marketers report that the email content types that perform best are those announcing new products or features to businesses.

50% of B2B Marketers Say Emails Have High ROI

A study revealed that B2B marketers believe that leads garnered through emails have the highest ROI of all their leads.

B2B Emails See Higher Click-To-Open Rates Than B2C Emails

Email marketing texts directed at businesses are more likely to be opened than those directed at consumers, as they enjoy a higher click-through rate than their B2C counterparts.

Email Marketing ROI Statistics

Email marketing had an incredible return on investment, which is why it's still popular. Here are some stats supporting this.

Email Marketing Offers ROI of Up To 4,300%

Email marketing has incredibly high returns averaging up to 4,300%. A well-carried-out campaign can earn as much as $44 on each dollar spent.

Email Marketing is Expected to Reach All-time High Revenue

According to Statista, the global email marketing market is currently above USD 7.5 billion. It is likely to reach 17.9 billion by 2027.

77% of Marketers Have Seen an Increase in Email Engagement

77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement between 2020 and now. This includes open and click-through rates.

Marketing Emails Influence Buying Patterns

Stats reveal that 70% of consumers have been influenced on what to buy through marketing emails. Utilizing cart abandonment emails also help you understand what products people are leaving behind, why they are abandoning them, and how to push these products.

73% of Company Respondents Consider Email Marketing Excellent

The Econsultancy / Adestra 2019 Email Marketing Census revealed that email marketing is the highest-ranked of all content channels, with 73% ranking it above others.

Segmented Campaigns See The Highest Revenue

Research shows that segmenting campaigns works because the smaller the target group, the better. According to Mortgage Investors, you can see as high as 760% in revenue.

Key Takeaways

By leveraging these email stats, you can create an email strategy for your brand that will have everyone talking.

  • Avoid trigger words in your email to prevent ending up as spam.
  • Use optimization features such as graphics, gifs, and videos.
  • Stay consistent.

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