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The 7 Best Hunter Alternatives of 2023

Here are our Top 7 Hunter alternatives. Check out the features list to be sure you're getting the most out of your email finder tools.

hunter alternatives

If you’re serious about launching a cold email campaign, then you’ll know the value of sending your email to the right recipient. That means having the correct email. Finding that email address can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many variables and nuances to email addresses you might spend hours looking for a single one.

Yes, you could manually find email addresses. You could find clues to their email, use Google, or take your best guess, but that’s not exactly efficient. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of a cold email campaign, you’re going to need to work at volume and speed. That’s where an email-finding tool can help. Hunter is one of the best options on the market, but there are plenty of other great alternatives.

Throughout this article, we’ll look at the many Hunter alternatives that you could try, explore a bit about Hunter itself, and help you to make the right decision for your business.

  • Instantly
  • Apollo
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Voila Norbert
  • DemandScience
  • ZoomInfo
  • Lead411


hunter alternative

Instantly's B2B Lead Finder is a powerful tool that swiftly identifies and validates target leads anywhere in the world. With unbeatable AI-powered workflows and an extensive database of over 80 million contacts, effortlessly discovering potential leads has never been easier. Refine your search by applying filters based on job positions and relevant keywords to pinpoint the exact contacts you need.

Conveniently export up to 1000 leads per month with our Growth Leads package, or upgrade to 10,000 leads per month with our Hyperleads package. Need even more? Explore our range of add-ons to unlock additional capabilities. Start connecting with more qualified leads by leveraging the remarkable capabilities of Instantly's B2B Lead Finder.

Key Features:

  • Massive Database
  • Auto Lead Verification
  • Email campaign sequencing
  • Email Warm-up

Best Suited To:

  • B2B focused marketers
  • Startups
  • Sales teams


  • $47/mo for Growth Leads and $197/mo for Hyperleads.


Previously known as ZenProspect, Apollo is a fully-fledged sales platform. Almost anything you could need in a sales platform, Apollo offers. There is, of course, email finding and verification within the Apollo ecosystem but you get considerably more as well.

Rather than just finding a prospect’s email address, Apollo can extract and manage full sets of data on any prospect that you find. Chances are you’re going to be able to find them too. Apollo has access to over 200 million contacts. Those 200 million contacts are spread across 10 million companies. Hopefully, the person you’re looking to connect with is within that number.

With email addresses in hand, you don’t need to leave Apollo to start your campaign. Instead, simply begin a cold email sequence within the system and watch as prospects move through the flow. The sequence is triggered by your choice of events, and follow-up is completely automated.

Key Features:

Best Suited To:

  • B2B focused companies
  • Businesses with dedicated sales and marketing teams
  • Smaller businesses running outreach campaigns


  • Every plan offers unlimited email credits, including the free plan
  • Plans are then tiered from $49 a month at the basic level up to $79 a month at the organization level.
  • Additional features are added at each level, plus an increased number of mobile and export credits.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you may have already heard of its tool Sales Navigator. As you might expect, LinkedIn Sales Navigator leverages the enormous professional network for commercial use. Once you’ve started your free trial or signed up for one of their monthly subscriptions, you’ll gain access to a tailored platform that is designed to help professionals gain access to sales prospecting.

You’ll likely start with the “Lead Recommendations” feature. This allows you to essentially filter your prospects based on sales preferences. This helps you to ensure that your audience, and those that you’re targeting, are accurate. You will also have heard of the “InMail Messages,” and you’ve most likely received one. This allows you direct message people that aren’t within your connections. It’s cold messaging rather than cold emailing.

If you have your eye on a particular company, contact, or position, you can receive immediate updates on any changes to related profiles. So if someone new comes into the seat that you’d like to talk to, you can act quickly.

Key Features:

  • Lead recommendations
  • InMail Messages
  • Prospect and sales updates
  • CRM integration

Best Suited To:

  • B2B professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Opportunists


  • The core and advanced levels offer a free trial, whereas the advanced plus level requires you to request a demo.
  • Interestingly, LinkedIn doesn’t share pricing on its website, even when comparing plans.
  • According to Google, the core plan is priced at $99 a month, with advanced at $149 a month.

Voila Norbert

viola norbert

Not interested in the many other features that some of these tools are offering? Keen to simply find email addresses and verify them? Voila Norbert could be a great option for you. They boast to be able to find anyone’s email address. Plus they do it in as simple a way as possible, allowing you to efficiently collect email addresses.

There’s the option to search for individuals or search in bulk. You could immediately use the results but it makes sense to increase your chances of deliverability and use the email validation feature. This is also where things get interesting with Voila Norbert’s pricing.

Voila Norbert offers pay-as-you-go pricing for their email verification and enrichment options. This means you’ll only ever pay for these services if you use them. If you want to keep a close eye on spending, this could be a great option.

The services themselves are robust. If you use the enrichment service, you’ll receive a whole host of information and data on the prospect to better assist your sales team. There’s also the option of embedding Voila Norbert into your tech stack through their API.

Key Features:

  • Email verification
  • Bulk email search
  • API option

Best Suited To:

  • Budget-conscious businesses
  • Those interested in PAYG models
  • Startups


  • Email prospecting starts from $49 a month for 1000 leads and increases from there. Email verification of those 1000 leads would cost you only $3. The enrichment option for 1000 emails would cost $40. Each of the PAYG models gets more affordable when working at a higher volume.



DemandScience is a complete sales platform that acquired the email finder known as Leadiro. As the old name suggested, Leadiro sought to deliver in-market, high-quality, opt-in leads alongside useful insight on potential buyers. That still exists but within DemandScience. It’s rolled into their offering which aims to help you build sales and marketing campaigns that fill the entire funnel.

The new platform has incorporated Leadiro’s “Target Market Intelligence” feature that offers considerable insight into prospects rather than just their email address. It’s certainly going to be of interest to both your sales and marketing teams.

It’s not just email either. You’re also afforded the chance to get information on direct dial data. Meaning you can launch a cold call campaign as well as a cold email one.

Key Features:

  • Global B2B databases
  • Target Market Intelligence
  • Email and phone option

Best Suited To:

  • Internationally targeting businesses
  • Companies needing precise market data


  • Pricing for the complete DemandScience platform is only available on request and no reliable data was available from search engines at the time of writing.



As with the previous tool, ZoomInfo isn’t just an email finder. The millions of contacts it has within it serve as one of the largest and most complete B2B databases available. Alongside contact information and email finding, ZoomInfo offers considerably more features that your sales and marketing teams will thank you for.

Whenever you search for a potential prospect, ZoomInfo will return their standard contact data plus a few more intriguing pieces of information. Thanks to their AI-powered sales insights, ZoomInfo is able to deliver suggestions on the likelihood that the prospect will engage with you and offer actionable next steps for your team to take.

If you have a focus on a particular organization, you’ll enjoy the Scoops feature. Scoops provides a live feed of what’s happening within the company. It’ll notify you of any people changing or leaving a position, plus who their replacement is. Combine that with the business’s web analytics and you’ve got a powerful set of information to give to your sales and marketing departments.

Key Features:

  • Contact database
  • Chrome extension
  • CRM integration

Best Suited To:

  • B2B companies with dedicated sales and marketing teams


  • There is no freely available pricing information. That’s only available if you select one of ZoomInfo’s OS options. SalesOS, MarketingOS, or TalentOS. A search on Google explained that ZoomInfo doesn’t offer monthly plans, only annual plans. These annual plans start from $11,995 a year for 5,000 credits.



You certainly can use Lead411 to find emails, but there is considerably more to it than that. The aim of the platform is to deliver actionable information. Rather than just pure data, they want you to be able to use it.

Consider their “Intent Data” feature. When accessed, you’re able to learn more about the prospect based on how they behave online. This gives you their intent, meaning your salespeople are able to personalize and customize their outreach and your offering to best suit the prospect.

There’s also the “Sales Triggers” feature which offers real-time notifications on any major news within a company. That includes funding rounds, newly appointed hires, and service/product launches.

This tool is also perfect for those looking to make phone calls as well as emails. The direct-dial data will get you through to the prospect while avoiding the front desk.

If you or your team are on the road, you’ll also appreciate the dedicated mobile app that Lead411 provides.

Key Features:

  • Sales intelligence
  • Intent data
  • Sales triggers
  • Mobile app

Best Suited To:

  • Sales and marketing teams that need deep insight.


  • Lead411 offers a 7-day free trial which allows you to try their system before you buy it, and it includes 50 credits. Beyond that, there’s either a monthly basic package at $99 a month for 200 contacts (within the US only) and then the enterprise package that gives no pricing info.
  • It’s worth noting that the Bombora Intent (intent data) feature is only available at the Pro level on annual packages and above. That starts from $3,500 a year per user and gives you 5400 contacts per year.

Key Takeaways

There are certainly a good number of options when it comes to finding emails. The key is that you select one that both you and your team are happy using. After all, if you pick the right one and get effective results, you’ll be headed for a serious growth period within your business. Consider your individual requirements and budget, then give them a go.

  • Where possible, use the free trial or request a demo before you hand over any money.
  • Ask if you really need all of the features or if your existing stack has them covered.
  • Consider if you need access to phone numbers too, or just emails.

The next step, after acquiring the email addresses of your prospects, is to begin your cold email campaign. For that to be successful, you need to use a powerful email outreach tool. Instantly is the tool for that purpose. See it in action by getting started for free today.

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