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The Cold Email Infrastructure That Gets Us 10-20+ Positive Replies A Day

This document will show you how to build the infrastructure to get 10-20+ positive replies each day from cold email.

The Cold Email Infrastructure That Gets Us 10-20+ Positive Replies A Day
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This document will show you how to get 10-20+ positive replies each day from cold email.

First things first, we need to build the tech infrastructure.

Step 1) Tech setup - cold email load balancing

If you do it right you only have to do this tech stuff once, so bear with me.

Main points:

  • Secondary sending domains (Don’t do outreach from your main domain)
  • DNS Settings
  • 3-5 Email inboxes/Sending accounts per domain
  • Forward them to a master inbox
  • Connecting your email inboxes to a cold email outreach tool

We recommend not doing the prospecting or outreach from your main domain. Get some disposable sending domains created just for the purpose of outreach. And if they type in your have it redirect to That way if a prospect receives a cold email from one of your sending domains and types in the domain they will see an actual live page and it helps build trust so they engage.

If you want to do high volume (10+ positive replies/day) I recommend you get 10 secondary sending domains. E.g. if your domain is your secondary sending domains can be named,,, etc. Have all the secondary domains redirect to the main domain. And have all the email accounts forward to one main master inbox, from which you can reply from.

For each sending domain set up 3-5 inboxes. I recommend Zoho because it’s roughly 10x cheaper than Google Workspace or Outlook and we haven’t seen any big differences in terms of deliverability for Zoho inboxes.

Add SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to your DNS settings and check your emails with to make sure everything is good. Any score above an 8 is fine.

Once the emails are created connect them to, click the flame icons, and start the warmup process 🔥 The sooner you start warming up these email accounts the better.

And Instantly will tell you how warmed up your outreach accounts are and how deliverability is looking :)

But cold emailing is as much an art as it is a science. The tech is the science and the art is the messaging.

And from our experience, if the messaging is off no technical tactic can save a campaign.

And this is how you can scale volume without burning out accounts.

If you really want to scale outreach volume you need a cold email sending tool that doesn’t charge you per sending inbox connected.

And that’s why we built Instantly :)

Sent with - Connect unlimited inboxes for cold emailing and drastically increase ROI from your outreach. Try it out today for free with our trial.

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