MX records, or mail exchanger records, are a critical component of email deliverability.

More than 333.2 billion emails were sent every day around the globe in 2022, and 99% of email users check their inboxes at least once per day.

MX records are essential in ensuring messages get from the sender to the intended recipient. In this article, we'll discuss what MX records are, how they work, and their impact on email deliverability.

What Are MX Records?

MX records are part of the Domain Name System (DNS) and help email servers route messages to the correct destination. They contain instructions that tell email servers where to deliver mail.

In other words, the MX record exists so that anyone can understand which server is responsible for handling the email. Without MX records, emails could end up going nowhere or be sent to the wrong server.

Why Setting up MX Records Is Important

Wondering why are my emails going to spam? MX records might be the culprit.

Setting up MX records correctly is essential to ensure emails are delivered to the right server and arrive in the recipient's inbox. Spam trigger words, like “free,” can also cause emails to be marked as spam, so using words carefully is essential.

Implementing integrated MX-record monitoring can also give you an early warning sign that your company may be a cyberattack victim. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to take swift action to stop malicious emails and safeguard your organization from further harm.

Setting Up MX Records With Your Email Provider

Setting up MX Records with your email provider is critical in ensuring proper email deliverability. Most hosting companies will provide instructions on how to do this, or you can contact their technical support for guidance.

Here are the resources you can use to set up MX records with a few popular providers:

Key Takeaways

MX records ensure that emails reach the intended recipient and are not blocked by spam filters.

Here's what we covered in the article:

  • Setting up MX records is important as they help email servers route messages to the correct destination.
  • Monitoring MX records can help protect against malicious email attacks.
  • The steps to set up MX records with your email provider vary depending on the provider you use.

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