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Improve Open Rates With These Outreach Email Examples

Learning how to use outreach email templates can save you hours. Here are some outreach email examples to learn from.

email outreach examples

Email outreach that’s worth opening takes time and care. We can spend hours drafting the perfect cold email, follow-up, or introduction. But sometimes, they’re just left alone. 

In this article, we’ll show winning outreach email examples and how you can personalize them through automation. So stick around as we go over:

  • Different types of outreach emails + examples
  • Email outreach best practices
  • A quick way to automate personalization of email outreach examples at scale

Different Types of Outreach Emails + Examples

We use email in almost every form of business communication. It’s professional, can easily be personalized, and can be automated at scale. 

Here’s a look at the most popular types of outreach emails and some examples you can personalize and make your own. 

Introduction Outreach Email Example

Sales or prospecting emails are great for getting new customers for your business. But if a lead doesn’t know who you are, there’s a chance the email goes to spam. 

One of the best ways to prevent our emails from going to spam is to send an introduction email first. It’s not a sales pitch. It's a way to provide value, establish trust, and build relationships. 

Subject Line: Hey, {{first name}}, we solved pain point using this system

Hey, {{first name}}, 
I’m {{your name}} from {{your company}}. Dealing with {{pain point}} is always rough. Takes hours of your time each week and burns through a lot of resources. 
After years of strategizing, we finally developed a system to deal with it without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick rundown of what we did: 
{{Solution step 1}}
{{Solution step 2}}
{{Solution step 3}}
{{Solution step 4}}
{{Solution step 5}}
I attached a link to our article that goes into more detail about our system if you want to learn more. I’m sure you’d find something that works for your business there. 
Let me know what you think!
Thanks in advance,
{{your name}}

Sales Outreach Email Example

Outbound sales campaigns are one of the most cost-effective, high-ROI strategies any business can run. You want to focus on your sales subject lines, how you position your unique selling points, and creating an actionable CTA. Here’s an example email that does just that: 

Subject line: Still doing {{outdated solution}} to fix {{pain point}}?

Hey, {{first name}},
My name is {{your name}}, {{position}} at {{your company}}. My goal is to help businesses like {{prospect’s company}} achieve {{goal 1}}, {{goal 2}}, and {{goal 3}} through {{new solution}}. 
In a few months, we’ve developed a new strategy to fix {{pain point}} using {{new solution}}. Here’s how we did it: 
{{solution step 1}}
{{solution step 2}}
{{solution step 3}}
It’s a bit of manual and technical work. But once you’ve finished setting it up, it’s smooth sailing. However, we understand that not everybody has the time and experience to do this.
That’s where we come in. We’ll handle everything for you, help you hit your goals, and at the same time, provide you with:
{{benefit 1}}
{{benefit 2}}
{{benefit 3}}
If this is something that interests you, we can schedule a meeting at your convenience. (insert calendar link). Hoping for your response.
Thanks in advance,
{{your name}}

Customer Experience Outreach Examples

If you’re not collecting customer feedback, you’re missing out on a lot of social proof. It’s also a perfect opportunity to engage with your customers and get insight on improving your products/services best. Here’s an example you can try:

Subject line: {{first name}}, we’d love to hear your feedback for {{product}}

Hey, {{first name}}, 
{{your name}} here, {{position}} at {{your company}}. Thank you so much for purchasing {{product}}. My goal at {{your company}} is to help create the best version {{product}} that we can. We believe the best way to do so is to ask for end-user input. 
I’d love to hear about your experience with {{product}}, what you love about it, or features you’d want added. Even just a quick rundown would do. Thanks so much. Hoping to hear from you soon. 
Best regards,
{{your name}}

Guest Post Outreach Email

Guest posts offer a lot of value. You can get a backlink, which improves your domain authority and new traffic to your website, and you get to reach a wider audience. 

The simplest way to get a guest post is to ask for it. Do so using this guest post outreach email example. 

Subject line: Does {{prospect’s company}} accept guest posts? 

Hey {{first name}}, 
I’m {{your name}} from {{company}}. We love your blog. There’s a lot of great content out there that really resonates with us and our audience. Is there any chance that we could submit a guest blog on {{topic 1}}, {{topic 2}}, or {{topic 3}}? 
We have years of industry insight and new case studies that we’d love to share with your audience. We completely understand if this is something you’re charging for, and we’re willing to discuss it with you further.
{{your name}}

Follow-up Email Example

Marketers need to learn how to write follow-up emails that get replies. More importantly, you must know how to time your follow-ups and what to include in your email copy.  Here’s an example:

Subject line: {{first name}}, just need a minute of your time.

Hey, {{first name}}, 
It’s been a while since we last spoke regarding {{product}} and how it can help you get {{benefit 1}}, {{benefit 2}}, and {{benefit 3}}. But I still think that {{prospect’s company}} and {{your company}} is still a great fit. 
If you give me a few minutes, I’d like to run through the benefits {{product}} brings to your business. I can schedule a meeting at your convenience. 
Thanks in advance,
{{your name}}

No Reply Sales Email Follow-up

Getting no reply after your initial cold emails is expected. But that doesn’t mean that person is a dead lead. They might have objections to your initial email, been busy, or just forgot to follow-up.

Subject line: Quick follow on up {{topic}}

Hey, {{first name}}, 
I sent an email last week regarding {{topic}}. Did you get a chance to check it out? {{event}} is around the corner, and we’ve found the perfect solution to prepare for it. 
Would you be open to a quick meeting to learn more about how we can apply it to your business? Let me know if you’re interested. We can schedule a meeting whenever you’re available. 
Thanks in advance, 
{{your name}}

Cold Email Outreach Example

Cold emails are done when trying to reach out to people who don’t quite know who you are or what you do. So, you’d want to establish authority, find a unique angle, or pattern disruption. 

Subject line: How do you come up with those LinkedIn memes?

Hey, {{first name}} 
My name is {{your name}}, and I’m a big fan of your content on LinkedIn, especially the memes. I just wished more people could see them. I might not be good at memes, but I am good at building an audience for brands like yours. 
So, if you’re ever thinking about expanding your audience, generating engagement, or brand building—feel free to contact me any time! I’d be happy to help! Got a lot of ideas in the chamber ready! 
{{your name}}

Email Outreach Campaign Best Practices 

Now that we have some examples, here’s a quick rundown on ensuring you’re making the most of every outreach email you send. 

Always Personalize Emails

You can’t quite personalize individually when you have thousands of leads, but you can use segmentation to categorize leads by industry, needs, or pain points.

Automate Follow-ups

According to InsideSales, 50% of sales happen after five touch-points. Most would give up after two. But you can’t always track who to follow up with and when.

That’s where email tools like Instantly come in. It automates entire nurturing or follow-up campaigns, creates drip emails, and keeps track of leads as they move down the pipelines. 

Use Quality Leads

When your email outreach doesn’t always work out, sometimes the issue isn’t with your strategy but your lead quality. Tools like Instantly B2B Lead Finder ensure that all leads are verified.

Now, you get to focus on developing solid email fundamentals rather than spending a fortune on finding and validating leads for your pipelines. 

How to Automate Personalization of Email Outreach Examples

If you ever find outreach email examples that you love—steal them. Of course, you have to personalize them first and make them work within the context of your business. 

The fastest way to do so is through spintax, which is integrated into 

It creates variations of words or sentences, diversifying your emails.

You can also create spintax using ChatGPT. Here’s an example of it at play.

Original Email:

Spintax Variation:

Key Takeaways

Outreach emails will always be a necessity for all aspects of business communication. But before launching your next outreach campaign, remember the following: 

  • Always personalize your emails through segmentation
  • Qualify your leads before running campaigns
  • Automate your outreach campaigns using email marketing tools

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