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10 Professional Outreach Email Templates You Can Steal Today

Cold email outreach is a popular marketing strategy that generates leads, builds brands, expands networks, all at a fraction of the cost when compared to other direct marketing methods.

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To this day there are people who believe emails are an outdated way of doing business, especially cold emails, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Email is reported to be 40 times more effective at generating new customers than social media. The average sales rep spends nearly a fourth of their workday writing emails. The numbers and trends continue to prove that email marketing is here to stay and only getting bigger.

Read on to discover:

  • What is Cold Email Outreach?
  • Top 3 Advantages Of Using Templates For Cold Outreach
  • 10 Professional Templates You Can Use For Your Email Campaigns.

What Is Cold Email Outreach?

Cold outreach involves sending an email to prospects that you’ve had no prior contact with. From booking calls to generating leads to building backlinks, the reasons for cold email outreach are nearly endless.

The ‘cold’ part of this email marketing strategy makes it different from a newsletter or subscriber-based email campaign that focuses more on nurturing an existing customer relationship.

Cold outreach aims to ignite that relationship and achieve mutual goals through a powerful cold email.

Advantages of Using Cold Outreach Email Templates

It helps to know how to craft a great cold email for your campaign, but it can also be a time-consuming process. Sales reps that spend less time writing emails can dedicate that extra time to other tasks like follow-ups or customer contact.

Using email templates will help:

  • Scale winning strategies: keeping track of open rates, click rates, and engagement will quickly allow you to know which template works best.
  • Keep things automated: templates are key to a well-automated email sequence. Not having enough templates ready for follow-up can result in lost leads and fewer sales.
  • Make writing emails easier: rather than creating personalized emails from the ground up, templates provide a framework that new and experienced marketers can work with.

10 Professional Cold Email Templates to Use Today

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We’ve gone over the advantages of using cold email templates, now let’s take a look at different types of templates ready to be customized for your outreach campaign.

General Cold Email Sales Templates

Looking for templates you can use for any situation? These general cold email templates will help.

1. Congratulate Your Prospect

Hey {{Prospect}},
Congratulations on your recent exit!
I’ve been following your progress on LinkedIn and the whole thing has been nothing short of phenomenal.
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got lined up next!
{{Your name}}

Opportunities to congratulate someone don’t come up every day, so a timely one is a powerful way to quickly build rapport and increase the chances of getting a response.

A pitch doesn’t fit well with genuine congrats, making this template more suitable for first building a connection, striking a conversation, or simply getting your name out there.

2. Compliment Your Prospect

Hey {{Prospect}},
You wouldn’t believe how your latest Twitter thread changed me and my team’s workflow.
Loved the humor and agree with every point you’ve made.
We’ve completely revamped our process at {{Your company name}} and I’d love to chat results. We’ve also created something new that I think you’ll find interesting.
Would 15 minutes this Thursday work?
{{Your name}}

From Twitter to LinkedIn to the new social media platform on the block, there’s no shortage of information you can gather about your prospect these days.

Professionals often share their expertise online which presents a great opportunity to reach out, give a compliment, and make that connection.

3. Give Value

Hi {{Prospect}},
Congratulations on a stellar website. The design, visuals, and content mix very well together to inspire action.
Exploring the site I couldn’t help but notice an SEO-related issue that could be harming your rankings and organic traffic.
I’ve got a site audit ready that outlines an easy fix that I’d be glad to share with your team.
Feel free to click the button below to schedule the best time that works for you.
{{Your name}}

Pointing out a flaw, mistake, or area of improvement for a business lets you showcase your skills and builds trust with your potential client. You can boost credibility by adding social proof or results of the services you offer.

4. Leveraging Common Interests

Hey {{Prospect}},
I couldn’t help but notice you’re also a lacrosse fan! I also work in {{industry}} and have never come across someone who plays lacrosse.
What’s your favorite strategy out on the field? I always get {{common interest-related point}} while playing.
{{Your name}}

Common interests can be the perfect spark to a great conversation and possibly a long-lasting connection. Facebook and Twitter are two prominent platforms to find out about activities your prospect enjoys.

5. Track Engagement with Content

Hey {{Prospect}},
I noticed you liked my article on {{platform}}. What did you like most about it?
{{Your name}}

While publishing content normally generates inbound leads, knowing who is engaging with your content can be an opportunity for outbound lead gen marketing.

Depending on their industry and your service or product, people who engage with your content have a higher chance of being potential customers.

Link building is an essential part of building a website’s reputation, with cold outreach being the core strategy to getting it done effectively. The following templates give ideas on what approaches you can use when reaching out to website owners.

6. Offer Exclusive Data

Hey {{Name}},
I've been keeping track of your coverage on the latest Amazon FBA trends and thought I’d reach out to let you know that we’ve got a new article on the latest FBA statistics for this year.
The top metrics show {{include a highlight from your article}}.
I think we could brainstorm a great article for your blog based on these latest stats.
Let me know what you think!
{{Your name}}

Your industry experience, research, and case studies are all valuable insights you can leverage to your advantage. Making that data exclusive will make your offer even more enticing.

7. Pitch a Great Idea

Hey {{Name}},
I saw your recent article on Instagram ads and wanted to share new research my team is working on.
We found that {{insert highlight of findings}}.
There are some pretty eye-opening stats that we’ve compiled in this article {{include hyperlink}}. Do you think this would be a good resource for {{prospect’s blog name}}?
I think our resource would be an excellent fit for your articles on {{mention prospect’s blog posts}}.
Let me know what you think.
{{Your name}}

This approach follows the skyscraper technique where you create content so informative and convenient that saying yes would be an obvious decision.

8. Mentioning Them

Hey {{Name}},
Love your work at {{blog name}}! My boss liked it so much we featured your latest data on indoor plants in our workplace productivity report.
You can find it here {{include hyperlink or attach PDF}} and on our LinkedIn page.
I was wondering if you could give it a quick look and let me know what you think or if there are any missing stats worth mentioning.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
{{Your name}}

Giving a shoutout or including a prospect’s content on your site is a flattering gesture and a great way to engage with them. It’s also very likely they’ll reciprocate with a link to your report on their website or social media.

Podcast Outreach Templates

Podcasts are becoming the new favorite form of consumable content, and it’s projected the industry will be worth $4 billion by 2024. Let’s take a look at how cold outreach can secure a piece of that pie.

9. Compliment + Invite

Hey {{Name}},
{{Your Name}} here from {{name of your podcast}}. Really love your work in {{prospect’s industry}}!
Your latest video on {{topic}} was spot-on. I liked how you {{mention highlight here}} and go over the {{second highlight}} in such detail.
How about a chat on the {{your podcast’s name}} podcast? We’d love to interview you and dive in on all things {{prospect’s industry}}.
Last week we had the pleasure of hosting {{Guest Name A from prospect’s industry}} and our audience loved it.
What do you think?
If you’re down, here’s a link to schedule the best time that works for you and we can talk details:
{{Calendar link}}
{{Your name}}

Depending on your industry and the level of formality involved, a lot of phrases and terms can be switched in this template to suit your needs.

Overall, giving a compliment, mentioning your opinion on their work, and showing like-minded guests you’ve had are powerful ways to get your prospect to excitedly accept.

10. Sponsorship Outreach

Hey {{Name}},
My name is {{Name}} from {{name of your podcast}}.
At {{your podcast name}} we’re big fans of your products and use {{product}} for {{product highlight}} every day.
We look for brands we truly believe in and I was pleasantly surprised to find you’re already a sponsor of {{other podcast/influencer}}.
Currently we’re working with {{Brand A}} and {{Brand B}} and would be excited to have you as one of our sponsors.
Would it be ideal to discuss things this week?
If you’re interested please choose the best time that works for you through the link below:
{{Calendar Link}}
{{Your Name}}

Sponsorship deals are a major source of income for podcasts and come through both inbound and outbound channels. Regularly sending out sponsorship requests is an active way to land more deals.

Key Takeaways

Sending out a cold email can be a daunting task, but knowing what makes a cold email work and having templates at hand can save time, money, and make the process a lot easier.

When preparing a cold outreach campaign, keep in mind that:

  • Templates save time and make writing emails easier.
  • Having a series of templates ready for your email sequence, especially follow-up, can boost response rates and increase sales.
  • Focus on using the right tone more than grammar and punctuation.
  • Outreach email templates are a framework you can customize to suit your needs.

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