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Sales Email Examples: The Art of Outreach in 5 Examples

These sales email examples will inspire you to create your next sales campaign. Use them as a guide for your business and deliver quality outreach.

sales email examples

Inboxes are flooded. Notifications seem unending. Social media buzzes continuously. It’s little wonder that it’s hard to break through the noise. Sales emails certainly add to the cacophony, but can they get their voice heard? With inspiration from our selection of sales email examples, we think you can.

What is it that takes a regular, plain sales email and changes it to a compelling interest piece that sparks curiosity and conversation? In our mind, it’s building a personal connection. You need to nurture a relationship with the recipient. How do you do that? Personalization. You take your templated email, and you personalize it.

In this article, we’re going to share the importance of personalization in your sales emails. You’ll also learn what the key components are that make up a great sales email. Combined with this knowledge, you’ll be able to use our examples as inspiration to help you create click-worthy emails.

  • What does a great sales email look like?
  • Are there specific parts you should always include in a sales email?
  • What elements can be personalized?

The Importance of Personalization

You need your emails to grab the recipient’s attention. They need to stand out from a seemingly overwhelming crowd. Personalization is the key here. Personalization allows you to capture attention through messaging that feels personal and of value to the recipient. It’s an indispensable tool that should be part of every single email that you send.

Personalization helps you to grab the reader’s attention, but what other benefits does it deliver?

Higher Engagement

Studies have found that when emails are personalized, the recipient is far more likely to engage with the content. Often, that might mean simply opening the email. It could, however, also include a response, forwarding the email, or following a call-to-action instruction.


Generic emails feel just that. Generic. They feel as if you’ve had a billboard posted into your inbox, unannounced, with zero connection. The email might as well have been sent by a robot rather than another human. Including elements of personalization shows that you’re paying attention to who is receiving the email. You’re also showing that you’re interested in them as a person.

Using personalization is far more trustworthy than a bland, impersonal email. Yes, when operating at scale and using automation, personalization is more difficult. You won’t be manually personalizing them, but there are methods to keep a personal message at scale. Using merge tags, such as those you’ll see in our sales email examples below, is a way to personalize in volume confidently.


When you’re talking to the individual, naturally, your content seems more relevant. The recipient won’t think that the email was meant for someone else. If it is specifically addressed to them, they know that it’s for them. Pair this with audience segmentation, and you ensure that your messaging is relevant and engaging.

Increased Conversion Rates

Sales emails are designed to sell products and services. You want a high conversion rate. Even if that conversion rate isn’t directly related to a sale itself. It could be for a demo, a newsletter sign-up, or a free trial. Personalization increases conversions dramatically. The user feels that this opportunity has been cherry-picked specifically for them.

The Structure of a Great Sales Email

sales email

Don’t be tempted to start typing and hope that a stunning sales email will appear as if by magic. That’s just not going to happen. You need a plan. There are certain elements that should act as the structure of your email format. These items will appear in almost every version of an email that you send in a sales capacity.

Each of them aims to fulfill a certain role. That could be to capture the recipient’s attention. It might focus on delivering value, or it may encourage the reader to follow through on an action request.

The Subject Line

Consider your cold email subject line like a first impression. You really do only have one opportunity to make it count. Write a poor subject line, and the recipient is moving on without even opening your email. That would be a disaster, given how much time and effort you’ve put into it.

Your subject line should be clear and engaging. You’re aiming to stir some curiosity and hint at the value that lies inside. You can include personalization here. Some studies have shown that personalizing the subject line improves open rates. You might include their name, their company name, or reference a recent meeting.

The Introduction

The first piece of text they’ll read within the actual email itself. The introduction serves as the launchpad for your content. Incorporate personalization here to show that you’re a friendly voice who is going to treat them as an individual. As with the subject line, try to reference something personal to them to build rapport instantly.

The Body

It’s tempting to begin loading your email at this point. Trying to cram in as much value and information as possible. This isn’t a good plan. Keep the email concise and engaging. Overload the recipient, and they’ll lose interest and move on.

Avoid sharing a generic pitch that could be sent to anyone. Create a tailored pitch to the specific recipient. It should match their individual needs and address their challenges. If you feel the pitch is getting too long, don’t be afraid to use bullet points and other formatting options.


The CTA or call-to-action is your opportunity to get the recipient to complete a task. This should be easy and quick for them to achieve. There are endless options for a CTA, but many people simply request a reply.

The Sign-Off

Politeness is always welcomed here, as is professionalism. The best email sign-offs leave a great impression that can last. Some salespeople swear by a short PS that highlights another feature or offer. It could even serve as a secondary CTA.

5 Sales Email Examples to Inspire You

cold email examples

Product Introduction Example

Subject Line: Introducing {{product}}: The Next Big Thing for {{prospect industry}}

Hey there {{First name}},
I hope you’re doing great! At {{Your Company}}, we thrive on innovation and our drive to deliver the best quality products and solutions for industries like {{prospect industry}}. One such product that I’d love to introduce you to is {{product}}.
{{product}} has been designed with businesses like {{Company}} in mind.
What can it do?
Feature 1: {{explanation feature and benefits}}
Feature 2: {{explanation feature and benefits}}
Feature 3: {{explanation feature and benefits}}
I genuinely believe that {{product}} can provide unique value to {{Company}}. We know that businesses just like yours have found it a great help with {{typical industry pain point}}.
I’d love to show you just what it can achieve and answer your questions. How about a call next week to discuss?
Thanks for your time. I’m excited to hear what you think.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Post Demo Follow-Up

Subject Line: Your Thoughts on the {{product}} Demo, {{First name}}?

Hey there {{First name}},
I really appreciated you taking the time to look at {{product}} with me last week. It was great to show you just how {{product}} could help {{Company}} with {{pain point}}.
I was hoping to get some feedback from you on these questions:
Were there aspects of {{product}} that particularly stood out for you?
How do you see {{product}} fitting into {{Company}}'s stack?
Do you have any concerns or questions we could address?
All feedback is welcome. It helps us to grow as a business and also ensures that if {{Company}} decides to move forward, the integration is seamless.
Let me know if a more detailed discussion would be of help at all. I’d be more than happy to have a meeting with you and your team.
Looking forward to your insights, {{First name}}, and hoping to strengthen our budding partnership.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Limited Time Offer

Subject Line: Exclusive Offer for {{Company}} Ends Soon!

Hey there {{First name}},
I hope you’re doing great! At {{Your company}}, we always appreciate working with businesses such as {{Company}}. That’s why we’re sharing this exclusive offer with you. Consider it our way of saying thanks.
Limited-Time Offer: For the next month, {{Company}} can access {{special feature or discount}} on {{product}}. You’ll find that with this access, you’ll boost {{specific benefit, e.g., "productivity," "user engagement," "sales conversions"}}.
Alongside this offer, you’ll receive:
Exclusive Discount: Get 20% off upgrades for {{product}}.
Bonus Features: Access to {{higher product tier}}. Normally reserved for {{higher product tier}} clients.
Dedicated Support: Enjoy priority support.
We’re sure that you’ll find this offer a great way to accelerate {{Company}} to the next level.
Make sure that you act quickly, remember this offer only lasts for the next month.
Don’t forget, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Requesting Feedback

Subject Line: How's {{product}} Treating You, {{First name}}?

Hey there {{First name}},
You’ve been with us for a few weeks now. We’re really pleased that {{company}} is using {{product}}. First of all, thank you for choosing {{Your company}}. We pride ourselves on our solutions, and your success is our success.
We’re continuously looking for opportunities to improve what we offer. Your feedback is one of the main ways we can achieve this, so we’d love to hear about your experience with {{product}} so far:
Performance: Has {{product}} lived up to your expectations in terms of results and efficiency?
Usability: Are you finding {{product}} intuitive and easy to use?
Support: Have you reached out to support? If so, how has your experience been?
Any insights, positive or otherwise, are welcomed. We want to ensure that we’re amply meeting your requirements.
If you have any specific items that you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with either me or a member of the support team.
Thanks for picking {{Your company}}, {{First name}}. Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Re-Engaging A Former Client

Subject Line: We've Missed You at {{Your company}}, {{First name}}!

Hey there {{First name}},
Here’s hoping that {{Company}} has gone from strength to strength in recent months. It’s been a fair few months since we’ve worked together. We always value the relationships that we build with our clients here at {{your company}}, and we did so especially with {{company}}.
You’ve missed a lot! Since you left, we’ve expanded support, added new features, and have an optimized process. Here’s a snippet of what you’ve missed:
Tailored Solutions: Understanding the evolving needs of {{their industry}}, we've developed solutions catering specifically to challenges you might face.
Enhanced Features: We've added {{specific feature or improvement}} to make {{product name}} even more powerful.
Community and Support: Our community has grown, which means that we’ve added even further support options.
I’d love a small bit of your time to catch up, share what you’ve missed, and show you how {{your company}} can deliver incredible value once again to {{company name}}.
Shall we have a quick call next week?
Looking forward to reconnecting.
All the best,
{{Your name}}

Key Takeaways

These sales email examples should act as inspiration for your next campaign. They’re designed to work at various points of the sales process but should be adapted to your specific needs and requirements. The more that you can evolve them so that they speak in your own company voice, the more success you’ll find with them.

  • Examples are there to inspire you, don’t fall into the trap of simply copy-pasting them.
  • Personalization is one of the best ways of connecting with your recipient.
  • Your subject line is your first impression. Make it count.

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