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Sales Pitch Email Examples to Boost Your Sales Strategy

These sales pitch email examples will help you grab the attention of your recipients and guide them toward conversion. Be inspired, then create your own.

sales pitch email examples

It’s time to nail your pitch. That’s easier said than done. It takes time to hone and curate a sales pitch that converts prospects into customers. Sending your pitch by email is no different. You need to strike the right balance between capturing their attention, building a fledgling relationship, and pushing for conversion. Starting to write from scratch is a recipe for inefficiency. Instead, use some sales pitch email examples to ignite inspiration.

In this article, we’ll share the core features of a winning sales pitch email before sharing some examples. You could easily use these articles as templates, but we’d always recommend editing them so that they’re unique.

  • The elements every sales pitch email should include
  • Direct-offer and solution-focused examples
  • Driving value propositions by email

The Anatomy of Sales Pitch Emails

Sales pitch emails are designed to convert. They are persuasive emails promoting products or services with the hope that prospects will enter the buying process. They’re also used to entice current customers to make additional purchases or upgrade their current level of service. 

The end goal is typically always the same. To drive more sales and generate more revenue. That said, sales emails come in many different forms. Some act as a straight pitch. They showcase a product or service in an attempt to convert the recipient. Others take a slightly different tact. They might focus on solutions or the value proposition. Some barely read like sales emails at all and build relationships instead.

email templates

The Key Components of a Sales Pitch Email

Yes, sales pitch emails have varied purposes, but they should all have the same core components.

  • Subject Line: First impressions are important. Even more so when making a sales pitch. It can be the difference between an engaged reader and being ignored completely. Make sure that the subject line you choose grabs attention and is relevant to the content of the email.
  • Opening Line: Your opening line sets the tone. Always try to directly address your recipient’s needs, challenges, or interests.
  • Value Proposition: The first question that any recipient will ask themselves is, “What’s in it for me?” This is where you should answer. Clearly and concisely explain your offer, and be sure to outline just how it will benefit them.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Toward the end of your email, make sure that you ask the recipient to complete an action. You could ask them to book a meeting with you, visit a particular section of your website, or try a service. The specifics of the CTA can vary depending on your conversion goal. Without one, the reader can simply move on, and a conversion opportunity is lost.
  • Personalization: Not a specific part of the email, but throughout. Where you can include relevant, personalized elements, this goes beyond using their name and company. If possible, talk about shared mutual interests or reference past interactions.
  • Professional Tone and Clarity: Throughout the email, keep to a professional tone that is clear and concise. Prove that you value the recipient's time. At the same time, this promotes the credibility of your brand.

Sales Pitch Email Examples

Below are four sales pitch email examples. These examples are designed to inspire you to create your own. The more relevant you can make the email to your own business, the better. You certainly could use the examples as a template, but editing them to perfectly suit your requirements will yield far better results. Add in some email list segmentation, and you’ll be achieving your best.

sales email template

Direct Offer Sales Pitch Email

New product launches and additional service offerings fit this email example. The aim is to get straight to the point and explain that you feel this will benefit them.

Subject: {{product/service}} Launch: Your Exclusive Early Access

Hi {{recipient's name}},
I hope you’re doing well! We have some exciting news: we’ve just announced that our latest innovation is ready to hit the market. It’s going to completely revolutionize how you {{benefit or problem the product solves}}.
Let me introduce you to {{product/service}}. Thanks to our brand new, unique {{key feature and benefit}}, you won’t ever have a problem with {{challenge}} again. What makes it different? Just wait until you see {{unique selling proposition}}.
I remember that you appreciated {{specific interest or requirement of the recipient}}, so I thought you’d be the perfect person to take a first look. We really value your contribution to our community, so we’re offering you access to {{product/service}} at a special introductory rate.
What can you expect from {{product/service}}?
{{key feature and benefit}}
{{key feature and benefit}}
{{key feature and benefit}}
Sounds great, right? If you’re ready to move on from {{challenge}}, then head over to {{link}} and grab the limited-time offer.
Once you’ve taken it for a spin, I’d love to hear your feedback.
All the best
{{your name}}

Solution Focused Sales Pitch Email

This email is excellent when reaching out to prospects who have displayed specific challenges when you researched them. By focusing on the solution that your product or service offers, you can position yourself for conversion.

Subject: Solving {{their industry}}’s Biggest Problem

Hi {{recipient’s name}},
Working in {{their industry}}, you understand just how frustrating {{their likely challenge}} can be. It slows you down, reduces efficiency, and creates roadblocks. The worst part? Few businesses find a reliable solution.
That’s what we want to change. We’ve thoroughly explored {{challenges}} and have finally found the answer. Introducing: {{your product or service}}. 
{{your product or service}} solves {{challenge}} in a simple but effective way. How? It’s thanks to these key features:
{{key feature 1}}: {{key feature 1 explanation}}
{{key feature 2}}: {{key feature 2 explanation}}
{{key feature 3}}: {{key feature 3 explanation}}
No doubt you’re busy, especially following {{a recent event you and they went to}}. The thing is, I don’t want you to miss out. So, if you’re interested in getting rid of {{challenge}} forever, please {{book a meeting/demo/other relevant CTA}}.
All the best
{{your name}}

Value Proposition Sales Pitch Email

If you have a truly defined unique value proposition, this is the email for you. This email works best if the product or service you offer is superior or distinctive from your competitors.

Subject Line: A {{product/service}} That’s Different From The Rest

Hi {{recipient’s name}},
There sure are a lot of {{your product/service}} available, aren’t there? The key is to find one that really stands out. One that goes above and beyond for its users. That’s precisely what we do here at {{your company}}. We’re not here to meet the industry standard. We’re here to set it.
{{product/service name}} is different from the rest. “How?” I hear you ask:
{{unique feature 1}}: Unlike anything else on the market, {{feature}} allows you to {{specific benefit}}.
{{unique feature 2}}: Streamlines your {{specific process or task}}, saving you time and money.
{{unique feature 3}}: Ensures {{key benefit}}, keeping you ahead of your competitors.
We could share the unique benefits of {{your product/service}} all day, but we’d prefer to show you some tangible results. Have a read of our {{testimonials link}} and see for yourself.
Are you ready to stand apart from the rest? You can give {{your product/service}} a try today. It’s a five-minute process to sign up for our free trial.
I can’t wait to see where this takes you.
All the best
{{your name}}

Personalized Approach Sales Pitch Email

Not all sales pitch emails are part of a cold emailing campaign. This is a great template to use when you’ve already begun to establish a relationship with the recipient. You’ll be able to use some specific personalization elements.

Subject Line: A Solution Tailored for {{recipient's name or company}}

Hi {{recipient's name}},
It was great to see you at {{event you both attended}}. I’ve been thinking about how you said that you’ve been struggling with {{challenge that they’re facing and mentioned}}. I think we can help.
{{product or service name}} is designed for people and businesses in your exact position. Consider your issue with {{a specific challenge}}. The {{product or service name}} makes quick work of that thanks to {{key feature}}. We’re able to tailor this solution to maximize its impact, especially regarding {{specific issue they are having}}.
Can I show you how it works on a quick call next week? I’ll show you just how {{product or service name}} can help you.
All the best
{{your name}}

Key Takeaways

The examples that we’ve shared here demonstrate the variety of different strategies you can use in your sales pitch emails. These emails are an opportunity to connect with your recipient and show value through unique solutions. Use them as a springboard to take your next sales pitch email to a higher level.

  • The best sales pitch emails will be unique. Use the examples, then tailor them to your situation.
  • The subject line you choose is vitally important. Without an enticing one, the recipient won’t even open your email.
  • Be concise and to the point. Remember, their time is valuable.

Sending, tracking, and editing your sales pitch emails can be a mess. Thankfully, Instantly does it all in one convenient tool. Start today, and you’ll see just how powerful it is.

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