How Technographics Help Companies Identify Target Audiences

This guide explores how businesses can use technographics to tailor a sales and marketing strategy through a greater understanding of a prospect’s tech stack.


Many terms are constantly emerging and evolving in the rapidly growing tech world. One such term is "technographic." It has recently gained popularity among SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. But what exactly is a technographic, and how does it help companies identify their target customers?

Technographics refers to using technology-related data to gain insights into a particular group or market segment. It involves analyzing various aspects of an individual or organization's technology stack, such as software, hardware, and online behavior, to understand their tech usage patterns. In simpler terms, technographics can be seen as the technological equivalent of demographics.

In this article, we’ll share:

  • Enhancing prospecting with technographics
  • The collection of technographic data
  • Leveraging technographics for an enhanced sales process

Nuances of Technographics

There are two primary types of technographic data. The first is known simply as technographic data. This is as we’ve mentioned above. The second is social technographic data. This set focuses exclusively on social channels. It provides insight into how a business leverages social media for business purposes.

The latter may provide valuable notes on the business. In this instance, technographic data is typically related to the tech stack and its use. Technographic data is invaluable for any business looking to sell its tech product or app. It helps with market segmentation at a very detailed level. It also ensures that outreach is highly personalized.

How Do You Collect Technographics?

There are a handful of ways to collect technographic data. The version you choose will largely depend on the amount of data that you’re looking to collect.

Website Scraping


Most of the major software choices for businesses integrate with their company website. These apps and services can be easily found through a quick website scan. You can use websites such as BuiltWith to get a detailed technology profile. Another option, specifically for website technology, is to use a platform such as What CMS to determine the base technology that a website is built on.

Using these options allows you to target users of certain tech. These could be Shopify users or people who have integrated HubSpot forms. You can also get a good feel for the type of software that they have a preference for from this list.


Surveys are a more manual method, but they can deliver results. Here, you would get in touch with a target company and ask them directly what technology they use. This could be through a phone call or a digital survey. 

The main roadblock here is that few companies will happily share this sensitive information with a stranger. You may need to subtly weave survey questions into a conversation over a longer period of time.

Purchasing Data

A reliable, quick, but often expensive method of obtaining technographics is through a third-party data provider. Businesses typically access their tech stacks through SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS models. This means user data is readily available through analytics and the service providers. That data can then be purchased.

The main issue is that much of the data that can be collected is protected through limitations and anonymization. Plus, the datasets are often snapshots in time rather than real-time. That can make the data you purchase somewhat unreliable.

Data Quality and Ethical Considerations

It's important to note that while technographic data can be incredibly valuable, it also poses challenges in data quality and privacy. Analysts must ensure they collect data responsibly and in compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. Additionally, data must be regularly updated to reflect technology adoption and usage changes.

Why Use Technographics?

Like any dataset, technographics shines when combined with sales and marketing. These are some of the prominent benefits that using it leads to.

Refined Market Segmentation

Segmentation is only as good as the information that leads it. Before, you might have relied on sales data and demographics. Now, technographics lets you segment your audience by their tech needs and pain points.

Targeted Engagement

Businesses will likely receive dozens of cold emails offering the latest software every week. A great way to foster engagement is through personalization. This means sending a tailored cold email that includes details on their current tech stack.

You’re also able to better predict the prospect’s likely pain points and then tailor your solution accordingly. A targeted selling strategy afforded by technographical data will have a far higher rate of conversion.

Strategic Lead Assessment

Part of your sales lead management process will include a strategic assessment of a lead’s priority. Is this a hot lead that demands immediate attention, or can you save some resources? Through technographics, you can discover how urgent a tech need is and which leads are more likely to adopt your solution.

Streamlined Sales Initiatives

Engaging with technographics allows you and your team to keep your finger on the technical pulse. By staying up to date on the latest releases and apps, as well as other key info, your sales outreach sounds more connected. Especially when combined with an approach relevant to the recipients' current stack.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, technographics are a valuable tool for SaaS companies looking to identify and understand their target customers. By leveraging technographic data, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts and product offerings to better meet the needs of their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and business success.


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