In this blog post, we'll show you two types of cold emails that have worked well for us in the past to get more leads and meetings.

One is short and sweet and a little bit informal. With the short cold email, it's very easy for a prospect to see the value prop at a quick glance and respond if they're interested.

And the other one is a more wordy, and corporate type of cold email that takes more time to read but comes across as more serious and professional.

Depending on your target audience a more casual or more formal type of cold email and messaging will work better. Decision-makers in bigger corporations usually respond better to formal communications, although a short and punchy message can work there too.

Ultimately, you'll have to split test to see which one gets you the best positive reply rates and demo booking rates.

Let's take a look at both templates...

Sequence Template (1) - Short and Punchy

Step 1 (First Touch):

Hi {{firstName}},
Quick question, you do business coaching is that right? Are you looking to get more meetings with entrepreneurs who could need your help?

Step 2 (Follow-Up - 2 days after Step 1):

Hi {{firstName}},
Just following up here as one of our other business coaching clients is about to close $22K as a result of our work these past few weeks.
Would love to do similar for you.
Bad idea to get on a 20 min call?

Typical Results Template Sequence 1):

Sequence Template (2) - More Formal And Comprehensive

Step 1:

Hi {{firstName}} - I hope this email finds you well. I understand you're the {{Title}} at {{companyName}}, so you may be a good person to discuss this with.
How are you currently getting meetings with potential (their target market) clients? Do you have a reliable channel to get leads? If not, we might find some ways to work together.
We specialize in helping coaching companies like yours get 5-15 meetings/week with (their target market) interested in (service they provide).
Given our skills & experience in working with executive coaching companies, I'm confident we could also help {{companyName}}.
So if you're up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call. Would Wednesday or Friday be good for you? (if not, I'm flexible, just let me know).

Typical results:

More Templates

Inside your account, you can find many more templates.

The templates can be found in the campaigns editor in the Sequences tab when you're setting up your cold emails. We provide dozens of different cold email templates for a wide variety of niches to get the creative juices flowing.  

You can also save your own custom templates, so you can deploy campaigns even quicker.

If you don't have an Instantly account yet and want to check it out by signing up for a free trial you can click here.

Happy Sending!