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Powerful Gmass Alternatives That Elevate Your Email Marketing Campaigns has unlimited warmups, a built-in CRM, and an easier learning curve. Making our software the #1 alternative to Gmass

gmass alternatives

Gmass is a great email marketing tool, transforming Gmail into an outreach machine. However, living within the confines of Gmail has its limitations. 

Even if we could send unlimited emails with Gmass, that’s not something we want to do. We’d need advanced features for more sustainable and scalable outreach campaigns.

That’s where Gmass alternatives come in. By the end of this guide, you’ll get to know the perfect alternative that fits your needs. First, we’ll need to go over:

  • Why you’d need an alternative to Gmass
  • Best Gmass Alternatives for 2024

Why Look for a Gmass Alternative?

Email marketing is a numbers game. The more emails sent, the higher the chances of conversions, right? That’s not always the case, especially now with the recent Gmail updates

Gmass can automate, personalize campaigns, and even break Gmail’s daily sending limits. But recently, Google made an update, placing new requirements for bulk senders. 

The requirements included more authentication, lesser volume (less than 5,000 daily), and higher deliverability rates.

Last year, Gmass ended its warmup services, one of the most essential prerequisites of email marketing to improve deliverability rates. 

gmass screenshot

Gmass has always been an excellent email tool. However, it lacks essential features to help businesses scale sustainably through email marketing and is locked into Gmail. 

That means you can’t use the platform if you’re primarily using Outlook or other email service providers. You’d need to find an alternative. 

Best Gmail Alternatives for 2024

Gmass could be the perfect tool for businesses dipping their toes into email marketing. But if you want an email marketing tool to help you scale as you grow, here are our recommendations.

gmass alternative

Instantly is a Gmass alternative that’s built for sustainable cold email outreach. It has all the features marketers need to run successful outreach campaigns in one tool. 

Users get automated email sequences, A/B testing, advanced scheduling, and personalization at scale. Each campaign is also ensured to have the highest deliverability rates. 

Instantly offers unlimited email warmups for unlimited email accounts. Every account can be warmed up for as long as you want.

It has a built-in CRM and can be integrated with CRMs like Zapier to automate trigger-based actions. If you’re looking for quality leads, you can try Instantly B2B Finder.

Every lead is already verified. You don’t have to spend extra on verification tools. Try out Instantly for free today and grow your business at scale!

Pricing: Instantly offer three price points—Growth ($30/mo.), Hyper Growth ($77.6/mo.) and Lightspeed ($286.3/mo.). 

For all pricing tiers, users get unlimited email accounts and warmups. The Growth plan is great for starting out. If you’re ready to scale and add sending/lead volume, go for Hypergrowth. 



Lemlist is a sales engagement platform built for outreach on multiple channels. It has an email sequence builder, automated triggers, and email campaign editors. 

It’s an email tool with a lot of bells and whistles. But it has an intuitive interface, even when creating advanced campaigns and sequences. 

Lemlist also acts as a sales enablement tool, allowing marketing and sales teams to collaborate more efficiently and share reports and templates. 

Pricing: Lemlist offers three pricing plans—Standard ($59/mo.), Pro ($99/mo.), and Enterprise. 

If you want to access multichannel features, you’d need to upgrade to the Pro plan. But as a standalone Gmass alternative for email outreach, Lemlist’s Standard plan is the way to go.

Like Gmass, also emphasizes lead segmentation. With its analytics dashboard and lead scoring, your sales representatives can focus on leads most likely to convert. also works as a multichannel sales engagement tool. It can automate LinkedIn requests and connections. Plus, it has an automated dialer connecting to your representatives when leads pick up the phone. 

Paired with a CRM, email validator, and an email finder tool, is an excellent Gmass alternative, especially if you want to focus on prospecting and lead engagement. 

Pricing: has three pricing tiers—Starter ($49/mo.), Professional ($89/mo.), and Ultimate ($139/mo.). only allows one mailbox per user in their Starter plan and two in the Professional plan. But it makes up for it with workflow automation triggers and powerful integrations. 



Mailshake is another Gmass alternative focusing on cold outreach. It offers automated email campaign sequences, bulk personalization, and multi-channel outreach. 

Sales representatives can easily optimize and streamline their sales cadences by combining cold email and cold calling. It offers an email design editor but is limited compared to Lemlist. 

Users subscribed to their highest tier plans also get multi-channel outreach. SDRs can then reach out to prospects on LinkedIn, cold calls, or even Twitter. 

Pricing: Mailshake only has two pricing plans—Email Outreach ($59/mo.) and Sales Engagement ($99/mo.)

Go for their base plan if you’re not looking into multi-channel outreach and sales engagement. It already includes email automation, templates, and CRM integrations.


hunter is one of the best-known outreach tools on the market, especially if you’re looking for leads. It has an email finder, a verification tool, and a domain search tool, allowing users to look for emails related to a domain. 

Users can set up automated email campaigns in just a few clicks with the help of Hunter. They can integrate it with popular CRMs and marketing platforms like Hubspot or Salesforce.

Pricing: Hunter has three paid plans: Starter ($34/mo), Growth ($104/mo), and Business ($349/mo). 

Unfortunately, users need to pay an extra $10 per email account that you add. Consider these costs when thinking about trying to scale up your outreach campaigns. 

Key Takeaways

Gmass is an excellent tool for cold email outreach. But, as your business grows, you need more robust and advanced features to help you scale sustainably. That’s why most find alternatives. 

As a rule of thumb, choose a Gmass alternative that has the following:

  • Ability to scale as your business grows
  • Tools to improve deliverability, such as email warmup
  • Automation tools for email marketing
  • Cost-effective way to scale email campaigns

You get all of these with Users get unlimited warmups and sending accounts, advanced automation tools, and more! Try it out today.

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