How to Increase Click Rate in Email Marketing

Improving click rate in email marketing can be done through actionable fundamentals such as improving deliverability, lead intelligence, and optimized CTAs.

How to Increase Click Rate in Email Marketing

A high click rate in your email marketing campaigns means prospects are actively engaging with your emails. More prospects could be redirected to your landing pages, reading your case studies, or showing interest in scheduling a meeting.

However, click rate as a lone metric won’t show the big picture. In some instances, tracking click rates won’t provide meaningful insight. Don’t get us wrong—it’s a crucial metric to track. But, until you fully understand when it’s appropriate to track, you could hurt your domains. 

Even with high click rates, you could still get zero replies, low conversions, or poor deliverability. You need to learn how to weave in click rate data to improve campaigns. That’s what we’ll be exploring in this article:

  • Why and when should you track click rate
  • The benefits of increasing click rate
  • How to increase click rate 
  • Interpreting click rate data to improve email campaigns

Why & When Should You Track Click Rates

improving click through rates

Click rate is one of the most important metrics to track in any digital marketing campaign, including email campaigns. It tracks prospect engagement, gauges intent, and helps you identify winning emails. 

The issue is tracking click rate adds an extra pixel in the emails you send. That could signal alarms for email service providers, affecting deliverability. That’s why many email marketers suggest not tracking click rate in the early stages of your campaign and focus on reply rates.

You’d ideally want to track click rate for prospects in the middle or bottom of your sales funnel. These prospects are already in the nurturing stage. Tracking click rates here helps you identify which type of content resonates with them best, improving sales engagement

The Benefits of Increasing Click Rate

Higher click rates means prospects are engaging with our value propositions and CTAs. But the benefits don’t stop there. If you increase click rate, you also gain the following advantages:

Improves Email Reputation

Email service providers use algorithms to identify important emails. The more prospects engage with your emails, the more likely they are to land in primary inboxes. 

That’s why email warmup is an important step to any cold outreach campaign. With Instantly, you can do unlimited automated warmups for unlimited email accounts. 

email warm up

During the warmup process, each back-and-forth includes positive replies, improving engagement and deliverability. This helps your emails get out of the promotions tab.

Getting Out of the Promotions Tab

Email service providers like Gmail filter emails that look salesy into their “promotions” tab. Users have to scroll down and actively look for this tab to view filtered emails. 

Hundreds of emails go through our prospects' inboxes daily. You want to be above the fold. If emails land in the promotions tab, they’re as good as gone. 

But if your emails have a high click rate, it signals that they are valuable and important. These emails are more likely to land in primary inboxes, improving conversions. 

Higher Conversion Rates

When prospects click your links, whether it's to schedule a meeting, go to a landing page, or to view additional content, they get one step closer to a conversion. 

However, high click rates don’t always translate to higher conversions. If your campaigns are showing high CTR but low conversion rates, the issue might be on your landing page. 

Prospects are interested enough to click, but the pages aren’t persuasive enough for them to follow through with the CTAs. You can solve this by implementing landing page best practices. 

It could also show which emails and landing pages work for specific prospects, helping you better segment and qualify your email list. 

Better Segmentation and Qualification

Segmentation and qualification helps your emails reach their intended audience—prospects that gain the most value from your products and services. 

Let’s say you’re running a promotional campaign for newsletter members. You could segment prospects who engage with your emails and offer them discounts or special coupons. 

Prospects who actively engage with your emails are more likely to convert, making click rate an excellent indicator of buying intent. 

Gauge Buying Intent

You want your sales team to focus on prospects who aren’t just interested in your products but also show clear signs of buying intent. If a prospect clicks on your link that redirects to a product page, that’s a strong sign of intent. 

Nudge prospects down pipelines through nurturing, personalized value propositions, and sales follow-ups. Note what type of links they click or the additional content prospects engage with. These help you further understand pain points and present solutions tailored to their needs. 

How to Increase Click Rate in Email Marketing For B2B SaaS

There are dozens of strategies you can implement to increase click rate in your email marketing campaigns. But, all these strategies stem from the following actionable fundamentals:

Improve Deliverability: Warmups, Authentication, BIMI

The first step toward increasing click rate is ensuring emails land in the right inboxes and can catch the attention of your prospects. You can do this through email warmups, authentication, and setting up BIMI for your domains. 

Warmups ensure domains are protected against the negative effects of email marketing. Email accounts warm up naturally over time as you exchange emails. But sales engagement tools like Instantly can automate this process for all your email accounts with no additional charges.

Authenticating domains is crucial, especially if you’re planning on doing cold email outreach. Without proper authentication, your domains can’t send or receive emails. Service providers are likely to block emails from domains without authentication. Here’s how to authenticate domains. 

If your domains are already authenticated, you can comply with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). It provides an added layer of authenticity and significantly improves your deliverability. Being BIMI compliant also provides you with a custom logo in inboxes. 

Leverage Lead Intelligence to Segment Email Lists

Lead intelligence tools help marketers gather relevant information for lead enrichment. You can use the data to improve your segmentation, target leads that fit your ICPs, and tailor campaigns to meet your prospects’ exact needs. 

For example, Instantly B2B Finder users can access advanced filters like the “News” filter to see current and relevant company updates. 

Even with a free trial, Instantly users get 100 free Lead Finder credits added to their account. Try it out now and see how fast you can find verified and qualified prospects that fit your ICPs.

The data can then be used to improve your email copy, allowing you to further personalize your cold emails. Plus, it can be done automatically at scale. 

Relevant and Personalized Content

Cold emails aren’t dead—generic, uninspired, and spammy ones are. Personalization is key to generating positive responses from your prospects.

Even if prospects don’t need your services, personalization often leads to positive replies, referrals, or a partnership down the line. But to achieve such results, personalization needs to go beyond first and last names. 

You can use business intelligence tools like B2B Lead Finder to hyper-personalize emails. Learn about new company updates. Do your research. And front-load as much value as you can in initial emails. The more value they get, the more likely prospects click on your CTAs.

CTA Optimization: Placement, Offer, Number of CTAs

Whether you’re running newsletters, sending sales follow-ups, or nurturing, CTA optimization can significantly improve click rates.

According to a study, CTAs placed on the left of your emails have a larger impact on your click rates. The study also shows that emails following the F-pattern where information is shown on the top-left is more likely to gain the attention of your prospects. 

When adding your CTAs, the rule of thumb will always be “less is more.” The ideal number of CTAs per email is one, allowing prospects to focus on it.  

Ensure Emails are Mobile Optimized

mobile optimization

Most use mobile phones to check emails. When your email pops up on your prospects’ notifications, ensure that it's readable at a glance. That means front-loading your value propositions, improving subject lines, or hyper-personalizing business proposals

Inform, Don’t Sell

B2B SaaS prospects want to be informed buyers. That’s why most market strategies revolve around product-led growth. Shifting your approach to be more informative instead of a sales pitch provides prospects with valuable information to help them make informed purchasing decisions. It’s less invasive, you get to become an adviser, and you stay top of mind. 

Time Your Emails

According to research from Moosend, the best time to send an email is between 9AM-11AM. The best day to send an email is Thursday. And the worst day to send an email is Saturday, which saw the worst click rate in the study. 

However, the data might be extremely different for your specific audience. It's important to test your own data and specific segments. 

Key Takeaways

Click rate is an essential metric to track in any email marketing campaign. The more clicks your emails get, the more likely an email converts. As a recap, if you want to increase the click rate of your email marketing campaign, consider the following:

  • Improve deliverability by doing email warmups, authentication, or BIMI
  • Leverage lead intelligence to enrich email lists and improve segmentation
  • Always send relevant and personalized emails 
  • Optimize CTA placement, offer, and the number of CTAs in your email
  • Ensure emails are optimized for mobile users
  • Send emails at the appropriate time 
  • Don’t focus too much on the sale. Instead, focus on providing value with each email

Increasing the click rate is easier, faster, and more efficient with the right email marketing tools. That’s where Instantly comes in. Start improving your click rate today with!