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"Email outreach is one of the most effective ways to expand your business and gain new business. Instantly does this well; you can add unlimited email accounts and just do all the basics in the right way."

Alex Siderius

CEO @ Webaware

"I've tried a few other email automation tools but Instantly beats all of them in terms of ease of use, deliverability optimization settings, unlimited email account additions. One top of the amazing features, their support team is world class and very helpful when needed."

Sanjay John Eapen

CEO @ Thincture

"What I love the most is that Instantly does not charge per each inbox, compared to pretty much any other cold email software out there."

Tal Sionov

Founder @ SlightEdge Agency

“I’ve specialised in cold email marketing since 2018 and in this time I've used almost every popular cold-emailing tool available on the market today - Instantly is hands down my favourite of them all.”

Sam Wilson

Managing Director @ Canbury partners

“After setting up our first Instantly Campaign, we're now getting 2-5 meetings every day.”

Michael Cooper

CEO @ Human Performance Mentors

"What a cold email software! Superb! The best out there in the market."

Sadashiv Borgaonkar

Co-Founder @ ACTSol and Associates

"Nothing Comes Close to Instantly! It's the best one out there"

Nitin Pareva

Founder @ Advera

"The two best things about Instantly is that it allows you to send at scale, and the team teaches you how to do it. If you are on a normal email outreach program then you have no clue what you are missing out on."

David taggart

Founder @ PDMacro

"I can use multiple emails for sending a campaign. Allows scaling better. And with a built-in warm-up feature...it is hard to beat. Lastly, super easy to use."

Greg Bardwell

CEO @ SaturnOne.io

“Instantly is the exact email outreach solution that I always wish existed. We’ve tried almost every product that people in the outbound space talks about and none of them even comes close to this.”

Tony Liu

CEO @ Omnichannel

"I really love the Facebook community they built around the tool. Any ideas on how to create better cold email campaigns or troubleshoot with existing ones Instantly users can get support directly from the founders and other users on a different levels of skills."

Radoslaw Los

CEO @ Brandrocket

"It's super easy to use. I've used a lot of softwares, but Instantly comes with easiest and most user friendly interface."

Shivang Singh

Ceo @ Emaily Zone

"Next gen software at a steal price"

Abhishek Anand

Consultant @ Pvkl Tech ltd

"World-class email software. Multiple email accounts can be used inside a single campaign, and they simultaneously send emails."

Stevan Duvnjak

CEO @ Digital Supernova

"The best thing about Instantly is that you can warm up multiple domains without paying any extra fee. And with the user-friendly design experience Instantly has, in my opinion, there's no other tool better than Instantly when warming up inboxes and sending emails in volume."

Prabesh Khanal

CEO @ Inferno Leads

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