Andrew Hodukavich


- Done With You; Why hire one virtual assistant when you can hire the entire Leadhype team for less. We have hundreds of Active clients where Leadhype handles all the back-end 'tech stuff'.

- Done For You; Leadhype has crafted some of the best performing cold email campaigns that the industry has seen. Give me 5 minutes and I'll tell you if cold email is right for your Company.

- Custom A.I. Bot Creation; If you can vision it, we can build and automate it.


Instantly's first ever Official Partner for a reason.

With over a decade of cold email experience, Leadhype has been described as being an "OG" in the industry.

We've configured over 25k email accounts in the last 2 years alone, and currently manage ~10,000 email sender accounts (~10M monthly sends). All of this is masterfully Operated by a team of 15+ full-time employees.

We act as a back office for all your cold email needs, whether list building, copywriting, or sending/campaign management.

Agencies often use Leadhype to white label our cold email services because we make it easy and reliable.

An example of our custom project capabilities is a scraper/bot we developed that would take a screenshot of a 'negative online review.' We then used AI to send a personalized email (and the screenshot of the negative review) to the HR department. This email list was in the hundreds of thousands. In the first month, this generated a call with a Fortune 100 prospect (and $40k in closed revenue) for our client.


Andrew Hodukavich

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