Eric Nowoslawski


Done For You Cold Email Campaign Management, Clay Table Build Outs, Outbound Strategy


Hi, I'm Eric Nowoslawski, the founder of Growth Engine X.

The best email you send is the one where you do 10 minutes of research and send a cold email to a prospect. Growth Engine X's goal is to send that same email you would send manually but to send it to your whole market.

We do this by taking care of the three most important pillars of a cold email campaign.

We follow all best practices to get the best inbox delivery on Having sent over 1M emails per month for the past year, we can handle any volume campaign you need to send.

When we build lists, we have access to every data provider that you need to run intent or trigger based campaigns to talk to the right people at the right time in your market. Having worked at Clay for a year and building the product with the team, we also can build your dream workflows in Clay to bring the best results for your campaigns.

When it comes to messaging, we have a 7 step Product Message fit process to test all of your best ideas in the first week of working with us.


Eric Nowoslawski

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