Jakob Greenfeld


Fully managed cold email for B2B companies.

Dedicated US account strategists.

Data-driven, personalized messaging from top copywriters.

Best-in-class data and sending infrastructure. 100% transparency.

No setup or hidden fees. Flat fee, fair pricing.


I worked as a researcher in theoretical particle physics before founding several data companies while also working as an independent tech consultant for startups.

Then in September 2022 I decided to join forces with Ryan Doyle.

Ryan worked as a sales rep for many years at various US companies before founding his own software startup.

Through trial and error we learned what types of companies we do our best work for and what truly matters in cold email. Along the way, we built an amazing 10-person team based in Europe and the US.

If you're running a B2B company with an established sales process and are looking to scale your outbound sales, we'd love to chat!


Jakob Greenfeld

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