Jose Soto


Complete done-for-you cold email system setup and management, from setting up domains, email accounts, getting a targeted list of leads, writing high converting copy, automation and managing the day to day cold email system.  

We can even add in an appointment setter to follow-up and call the leads generated by the system.


Jose Soto is CEO and founder of Clickateam, a company specializing in lead generation and appointment setting for Marketing agencies and business owners.  

Clickateam specializes in lead generation and scaling businesses through cold email and paid ads.  

We currently work with over 100 clients managing their cold email systems.  

We have built over 600 cold email prospecting engines and are always looking to be on top of the game in terms of building the system, getting targeted lists of leads, cleaning the leads, writing high-responding copy and getting those positive replies in, to fill your CRM with new leads.


Jose Soto

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