Juan Machado


We do Sales Consulting and Coaching, as well as Global Strategy.  

Our goal is to empower you to connect with potential customers worldwide while we handle the details.

We do everything for you by specializing in transforming cold contacts into meaningful interactions, generating positive responses from companies interested in learning more about your services, scheduling meetings or calls, or requesting pricing and more information.

Our team initiates conversations with new contacts, and you simply respond to potential customers worldwide.

You have the flexibility to tailor your target market by specifying parameters such as job positions (CEO, Managers, etc.), regions (UAE, Spain, England, Australia, etc.), company size, and more.


Your growth and development are my top priority.

With over 13 years of experience in sales, I've gathered proven techniques that can help you to stand out in your field.

I understand the challenges you may face and I'm here to provide tailored guidance that suits your unique situation.

Having coached high-level executives globally, both in English and Spanish, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of implementing the right strategies.

Let's connect for a quick call and start the journey together.


Juan Machado

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