Michael Gardiner


- Cold email deliverability management:
Have issues getting your emails into the primary inbox consistently? We actively manage over a thousand email addresses and have vast experience and data on keeping your emails in the primary inbox regardless the scale of your campaigns.

- Cold email systems development:
If you have a sales and/or marketing team you should be considering running cold email campaigns in-house. We'll help you build out your who cold email system so you can keep operating costs low and scale up and down as you wish. We provide initial validation in the form of campaign management, SOPs, system set up, training and more.

- Managed cold email campaigns:
If you don't want to think about cold email and just want an expert running things for you, this would be the best option. We'll handle your tech, deliverability, scripts, lists, sending, and testing.

- Consulting
Just need an hour of help? No worries, we can do that! Have your script reviewed, sending settings reviewed, or just ask a general question.


Hi, I'm Michael, the founder of Done For You Meetings (DFY Meetings).

At Done For You Meetings, we build your business the cold email infrastructure necessary to bring in hundreds of qualified sales calls each year.

The 240+ B2B businesses we've worked with have ranged from startups to Fortune 50 companies, ranging from marketing agencies, creative agencies, consultants, coaches, software companies, IT, medical, manufacturing, and more.

Unlike other agencies where you pay a retainer and when the work stops, you're left with nothing; you own the system, data, copy, and documentation of the system we build for you.


Michael Gardiner

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