Ratko Milin


- B2B Sales Engine (Done With You Program): building a system towards a stable inflow of qualified leads

- UltB Academy (Do It Yourself Program): learn how to build an in-house acquisition system, craft compelling offers and scale topline

- Sales Coaching: 1:1 Sales Call reviews for improving closing rates and reducing sales cycles


We are a German company building scalable B2B Sales Engines for Agencies, SaaS Startups, and IT Service Providers through data science, structured processes, and by creating meaningful relationships - without paid ads, cold calls, or additional headcount.


- Added €100K in pipeline value in the 2. month for a SaaS company

- Doubled six digit topline within 9 months for an European SEO Agency

- Landed 19 qualified appointments in 45 days out of which 11 closed, adding half a million in LTV for a ESG company

- Attracted 3 negotiations ($45K) & 2 signed five-figure contracts in first 20 days


Ratko Milin

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